This is Gospel New World Magischola Second Run S. Oviedo, first year, cryptozology, House Croatan

{Hi friends! A lot of my game was internal as I am a fanfiction writer and I catalog all my feelings to be used as fodder for written drama. I thought I'd write down some moments that never got played out irl. Please enjoy <3}

The Wand Choosing Ceremony

"A slagerod..." The Chancellor whispered, accepting the package from Jasper. He unwrapped it, revealing it's grotesque beauty to the gathering students around him. The artificers had been tasked to create a new wand for the Chancellor after he lost his own wand. Half a dozen young mages submitted their wands for the Chancellor's approval, including the parcel handed to him by the young mage clad entirely in white. The other students recoiled as it was placed on the table in front of them. Fortinbras started on the opposite end of the salgerod, picking up each wand and assessing it's properties. He favored two wands; one from a first year Du Bois, and the other from a first year Croatan. At last he came to the slagerod.

"It's handle is bone..." He said, gingerly picking it up from the table. "It's core, the sinew of the person who was killed to make it." He sighed, turning it in his hands. "Such power comes from such dark magic." The group around him flinched as he waved the wand. "Would you take this power?" He offered the wand to the group, who recoiled in fear. One girl nearly turned green as she turned away from the abomination. Soledad leaned forward to get a better look at the wand. The handle had blood stains on it's base that looked as if they were still bleeding. The nodules along the length of the rod looked liked scabs or lumps of dried skin. It was disgusting; a blight on magic itself. Forbidden. The other mages shook their heads, refusing to acknowledge the rod. "Would you use this wand?" The Chancellor asked again.


The voice bubbled up from inside her soul, begging to be acknowledged. She could take the wand. He didn't want it. He was offering it to her. She could have all that power. And with it, everything would be hers to control. No one would look down on her for her heritage or judge her for her family's business. Those that opposed her would be tortured and wiped from the Earth. No, their very existence would be erased. She could control all time and space. Nothing could stop her, not the marshals, nor the Chancellor.

You will have all that you desire. Everything that you ever wanted and more. Power, fame, fortune. Everything. Those that doubted you will see the error of their ways before their very life is extinguished, and their bodies torn apart to make more wands more powerful than the last. Everything that exists to destroy us will be torn asunder.

"Sole?" A voice asked from above her. She shook her head, glancing up at the voice. It was her cousin, Cyrus. He was all she had left after her brother died. "You okay?" He asked, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Yeah..." She breathed, pulling out her wand to help the Chancellor dispel the slagerod. After pulling energy from the school itself, they destroyed the wand together. The voices screamed at her to help them. They promised anything in exchange for their release. With a sudden crack, the voices stopped as the wand was snapped across the Chancellor's knee. Professor Whit rushed to the Chancellor's side to help relieve the dark magic from the wand that tried to seep into him. The Chancellor let out a large sigh, slumping over.

"Thank you students." He huffed, reaching for his lunch. Soledad smiled softly, nodding her head. The voices had stopped begging. They settled back into the depths of her soul and waited.

Star Crossed

The dining hall was alive with conversation on the first night of the school year. Classes had yet to start and tonight was the annual house recruiting parties. Soledad felt a bit overwhelmed at her options. Besides the amount and variety of food, she had to choose where to sit. As a first year, she didn't have a house yet. Tonight was her chance to vet out each house and figure out where she belonged. She'd do her best to impress her favorite houses and hope that the house presidents would pick her. She didn't really have any ideas of which house she wanted over another. She had a cousin here and a couple other cousins there, but no strong pull one way or another. She caught sight of her cousin Cyrus sitting at a table labeled Casa calisayla and zeroed in on him. He was a friendly face, for now.

Her mother had told him to keep an eye on her while at school. Soledad had a reckless streak that got her into trouble at times. She was born and raised on a wyvern farm with summers at a chupacabra ranch. You had to be bold to raise and break wyverns without getting spiked in the chest. Chupacabras were clever creatures, which meant you had to be one step ahead. When she was just a toddler, Soledad had somehow gotten past the wards set up by her grandmother and into the pen of one of their prized breeders. To this day, no one knows how she got in the pen or why the animal didn't kill her. From that age on, Soledad knew she had a power over animals. She referred to herself as a "beast tamer." She could control animals without having to resort to hexes or spells. Her dream would be to travel around and observe cryptids in their natural habitat. Of course, that didn't quite gel with what her family wanted her to do. She was supposed to take over the farm and lead it to greatness. After her brother's death five years ago, she was unsure if wyverns were still the right path for her or for the family. Their wyverns were the scary big brutes that guarded castles, kingdoms and schools. Pietro had been trying to break a particularly skittish wyvern when it panicked and lashed out. It was a tragic accident that left both sides of the cryptid rights factions pointing fingers and arguing. Her rival from primaschola, a one Marley Madden, was particularly annoying. She was an activist, and one stupid comment that came flying out of her mouth before break had led to a very terse pen pal correspondance over the summer. She hadn't seen Marley just yet. She was sure that the bubbly girl would invite her to a sapience advocates meeting; again. Only this time, maybe she'd go, if only to get Marley off her back.

She settled into her place at the table among her cousin and his friends. Her brand new roommates from the dorm joined her, as she was one of the few people they knew. The houses started to fill in the dining room with cliques and families starting to form. Soledad had never seen so many different people in such a small space. It was almost overwhelming. A figure entering the dining hall caught her eye mid-bite. He was tall with a mop of nearly perfect ringlets that fell down to his piercing eyes. He moved confidently across the hall to visit with other students. She could tell just by the way he carried himself that he was powerful; cocky even. He kept his shoulders back and his posture upright; he was probably unsoiled, important maybe. She was suddenly aware of her heart beating in her chest. She must have been staring too long as Cyrus cleared his throat rather loudly.

"Whatcha lookin' at?" He teased.

"Who's that?" She asked, pointing to the young man with the gold chains around his chest.

"Atherton Forscythe...Oh..Sole, no..." He sighed, watching his precious cousin fall hopelessly in love.

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