Adventures by Millikens & Millikens

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Adventures by Millikens & Millikens

This company was created by Reginald and Ramona Millikens (NWM Run 7, NWM Yule 2017) in an act of casting off their family's expectations of them and claiming their own destiny for themselves after making the conscious decision to drop out of New World Magischola in the middle of their third year and passing on their positions as House Presidents to their classmates. Enjoying their new freedoms, Reginald Millikens (cryptozoologyist, big game hunter) was able to delve into his passion for hunting down cryptids while Ramona Millikens (marshal, activist) was able to devote her time to working on the business and ensuring that it made real ties with the local and oftentimes impoverished people of where they were staging their hunts and various business. In this way the two siblings who oftentimes appeared to be complete opposites with irreconcilable differences were able to join together and pursue their own interests for a common goal.

While Reginald oversees much of the hunting aspects of the business, Ramona takes a hand in both protecting their clients and in ensuring that the small businesses and local people that they work with are treated fairly and with respect. Reginald's new bride, Helena Millikens (nee Oehler) takes up a seat at the head of the company, making good work to delegate out to supervisors to manage the business end of things.


CEO: Helena Oehler

Head of Safari Management: Reginald Millikens

Head of Adventure Security: Ramona Millikens

Future Endeavors

Adventures by Millikens and Millikens expresses a sincere interest in taking on new graduates as employees and intends to be competitive in their efforts to recruit straight out of Magischola. Because of this it is likely that representatives may be present in the future, however the workload of starting a new business that inherently operates across an entire continent makes it unlikely that any of the Millikens themselves will be able to make appearances at these recruiting events. The business appears to be very interested in Catoptrics development as they quickly had a site created for use across the Magimundi.


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