Anémou Glóssa (A-ne-mū/GLŌ-sa) or “The Wind Tongue” is a language that is preserved by The Order of the Aeolian Horn. This ancient magical language connects to many modern runic and magical language systems, according to some scholars who worked without the benefit of access to this highly secret language. Although magic can be done with an incantation in any language, legend states that this language is the earliest and most powerful. Some consider it “the language of magic itself.”

Others think Anémou Glóssa is merely a convenient story invented by The Order of the Aeolian Horn so they could horde knowledge and artifacts for themselves. In opposition arose The Order of the Bounded Star, a shadowy group that also formed in antiquity. Originally they sought to share the secret knowledge of The Wind Tongue with all magic users. The goals and ideals of these groups have changed over time, but to this day, Anémou Glóssa remains a much discussed topic.

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