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Those who wish to enter the field of artificiery must develop the most detailed understanding of how magic affects the physical world.

Those who study artificiery will find that the field is complicated by an internal conflict, the pragmatism of building (ArtificER, the fabricator’s term) juxtaposed by the aesthetics of design (ArtificIER, the artisan’s term). If it’s a magical object or artifact, the artificiers must know how it was made, how to destroy it, how to replicate more of it, and how to make it better. This type of magical creation is not nearly as forgiving as spell casting or potion brewing, requiring a detailed exactness in order to make functioning objects that also last. More than any other path, there’s significant amount of Leeuwendaalders waiting to be invested in artificiers who might create the next life-changing device in the Magimundi. The most significant interest is in artifacts and devices that can function in concert with mundane technology, or at least duplicate mundane technology’s functionality. These items and designs are at the very cutting edge, with students creating innovations that even their professors have never seen before or imagined.

Types of Artificiers

Power stockpiler
Power stockpilers often create artifacts that resemble batteries for magical energy, most commonly crystals and gemstones. They easily find work for the cities and emergency facilities of the Magimundi, building infrastructure in case of emergency, as well as creating these batteries for members of the Magimundi who are preparing, personally, for some potential or impending disaster.
Merch maker
People of this specialty design/create artifacts with an emphasis on profitability. Includes both "next big thing" and efficiency innovations to improve production (and profit). Merch makers frequently find work with large businesses, especially those of the prestigious Penumbra on Virginia Isle where they are always eager to tap into wherever the winds of taste and fashion are leading.
Fabricator artifacts emphasize utility and de-emphasize aesthetics. Philosophically opposed to the Artisan. The utilitarian works of Fabricators are often put to work in ways that many don't see, and are regarded as something of a 'backbone' for society- just as visually hidden, but just as vital to the persistence of life. Fabricators are responsible for a lot of the design and layout of the Lava Tube Lazenby and Fumarole Funicular systems.
The artifacts created by weaponizers are tools for conflict, includes enchanting artifact swords in the ancient style as well as creating brand new innovations of violence. Weaponizers are employed by private corporations like Hudson Unlimited, as well as by the Magimundi and Virginia Isle, who seek to keep themselves well prepared in case of an emergency or conflict.
Artisans design/create artifacts emphasizing beauty and aesthetics, using the belief that utilitarian design is less magical and therefore results in weaker artifacts. Philosophically opposed to the Fabricator. Artisans present a lot of the artificiery that is seen on a day-to-day basis, from elegant wands and transportation devices, to the immaculate faces of enchanted buildings that are seen in their full detail and glory to members of the Magimundi, but appear unassuming to the mundane eye.
Break Stuff
These people study artifacts to know how to destroy them, and includes those that believe Artifacts are themselves reckless magical energy pollution as well as those who just enjoy breaking things. They will often work with private firms to clear out dangerous artifacts alongside cursebreakers, in the past Mishipeshu Province hired a great deal of artificiers to dismantle Inunnguaqs.
Technophiles design/create artifacts that are connected to modern Mundane technology innovations, includes both making modern tech that's more magical energy resistant as well as duplicating technological effects using magical artifacts. There has been a deal of work that looks into computer code in regards to numerology, which has some technophiles interacting with astromancers. There is a great deal of resistance to these sorts of creations from some older members of the Magimundi, but interest in this field has increased significantly in recent years.

Famous Artificiers

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