Puma hominus
Family: Mammalian
Classification: Non-sapient
Manifestation: Corporeal
Pronunciation: ah-SĀ-je

The asegi (ah-SĀ-je) is a cryptid that results when a wampus cat has a litter of four kits. The first three offspring will be born as typical wampus cats, and the fourth will be born as an asegi. It is unknown what biological or magical processes are responsible for the asegi, or what purpose they serve ecologically.

The asegi has a second feline torso rising from its body in place of any human features, giving it the appearance of two cats attached at the waist. An asegi has six paws and the standard duplicate organs of the wampus cat. Unlike the normal wampus cat, the asegi possesses only the intelligence and instincts of a typical large feline, such as a puma. Asegi are classified as non-sapient. Many wampus cats will kill their asegi at birth, but some will try to raise it as a typical child. In almost all cases, the asegi becomes a monstrous thing that hunts larger mammals including humans. Seeing an asegi is considered a bad omen, and many Magimundi communities will kill them on sight unless they are being protected by their family.

The existence of the asegi does create a rift in human/wampus cat relations. The wampus cat community is unhappy that the Magimundi consider some of their offspring to be monsters that need to be destroyed, while the leaders of the Magimundi have made it very clear that human- killers will not be tolerated.


Asegi tend to live primarily in Solaris and Mishipeshu Provinces, with the largest concentration being around Tennessee. They prefer forested areas with lots of prey. They dislike urbanized areas and will avoid them if at all possible.


Wampus cats have dual sets of internal organs, both feline. They can survive if one of the organs is damaged, but they will be unable to hunt well.


Asegi are carnivorous. They hunt and eat a wide variety of mammals, from small prey to even humans if presented with the opportunity.

Magical Uses

The body parts of an asegi can be used for spells and charms. Their fur contains interesting magical properties, and can be fashioned into clothing that allows one to move stealthily about. Some magi have tried to tame the asegi as hunters or guardians or even familiars, but this has inevitably ended in tragedy with the asegi turning on its owner or their family members.

Note: While it is legal to hunt and harvest asegi for parts and components, wampus cats are considered a protected species by the North American Council of Five. They are considered sentient beings with intelligence equal to humans. Harvesting a wampus cat for parts carries with it the same penalties as harvesting a human for parts.


Asegi are easily spooked by loud noises, especially explosions. You can often scare off a pursuing asegi with a loud noise and they appear to be largely opportunistic hunters that avoid conflict. They are somewhat resistant to magic so especially strong spells are suggested should you fight one. Counter to common belief, asegi are excellent climbers and swimmers so climbing a tree or hiding in a river will not keep you safe from a particularly determined asegi.

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