The official introduction to the Baja Province can be found here.

The Baja Province consists of the Southwest US and Mexico.

The province is often seen as quite fragmented politically, with little sense of provincial allegiance or identity. That leads to an air of what appears to some other provinces as a kind of lawlessness, but Baja province dwellers understand it to be loyalty to local concerns. Wizards and magic users value personal freedom, family bonds, community culture, regional or tribal kinship, then, more reluctantly, provincial authority, and, with greater reluctance still, to the Magimundi world itself. Most Magimundi families in Baja are matrilineal, stemming from the indigenous and Spanish heritages, and Yayananas, or Grandmother Elders, are the most revered keepers of the magical traditions. The Arch Justice of Baja province is sometimes viewed as a renegade and is known to be unpredictable. Her vote is often courted by those with wealth and influence who make the pilgrimage to her estate at Cerro de la Encantada, and Arch Justice Luna Chavez considers her wild card status to be a boon to the province. More than one backroom deal has resulted in significant investment of Leeuwendaalders or a certain “look the other way” latitude for a cadre of Baja wizards, and Chavez does not give away her support for free. Baja Province has some of the most lenient Magical Laws regarding potions, draughts and drams, and if it can be made, it can be found for purchase in Baja, if not from an official apothecary, then from a roadside vendor who has spread out their wares on a magic carpet.

Baja Province is home to two Chupacabra farms run by Hudson Unlimited, however there are many wild Chupacabra in the region as well. Wild Chupa are noticeably larger and more dangerous than their domesticated cousins, which are bred for their exclusive use as guards at the Magimundi Prison, Avernus. Wild Chupacabra spines are prized as wand cores and as a crucial ingredient for other talismans. Mages of Baja Province also take care to avoid the clutches of the Ahuizotl when they venture near fresh water, particularly lakes with underground caverns. An Ahuizotl hand is a powerful magical fetish, though trade in their body parts has been illegal since 1963 by the Council of Five Edict for the Protection of Endangered Aquatic Species. The province is home to many other magical creatures, some of which are just being discovered. It is also rumored that at least one Flower Mountain faculty member is a Nagual, and mages with this shapeshifting power are becoming more prevalent in Baja province, perhaps as a response to some burgeoning threat.

Baja Province's primaschola is Flower Mountain Escuela Mágico


The Magimundi North American Map.jpeg Baja Province is in Orange.

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