The Province of Baja relies on empowering Wizards to pursue their own reasonable justice, with the Marshals able to assist when needed. This results in a bit of a chaotic approach to jurisprudence, leading to the recent rise of private “security” firms to address the needs of the wealthier residents of the Province. As a member of The Magimundi, Baja Province is subject to Magimundi law.

This flawed system is loosely held in place by the actions of two activist organizations:

  • Baja Coalition for Victims: organization dedicated to petitioning Marshals to look into cases that would otherwise go unnoticed. Originally dedicated to advocating on behalf of isolated or outcast wizards, in the past century they have also taken up the mantle of advocating that Marshals investigate crimes against mundanes and cryptids as well.
  • Institute for Restorative Justice: a group of individuals who are trying to use the loose approach of Baja criminal law to support a radical approach to empowering victims, based on those who have harmed another making amends in whatever way possible instead of resorting to harsh punishments like Avernus.

Most wizards who end up in Avernus from Baja do so because of the intervention of a private security firm into a case.

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