Bleddyn Cadwalader
Other Names: None
Occupation: Chancellor (New World Magischola), Cursebreaker
Status: Deceased

Former Chancellor of New World Magischola, Bleddyn Cadwalader (BLE-thin/cad-WAL-a-DER) is regarded as a controversial figure and an unfortunate piece of the institution's history.


Bleddyn Cadwalader was Chancellor of New World Magischola during the early 19th century, particularly during the Magma Wars. He threatened to expel any students who sided with the the rebellion. Mr. Cadwalader and several (primarily Unsoiled) members of the school faculty and student body believed that the Edict to Evacuate was in line with the institution's founding principles. Due to this, after the Magma Wars, he resigned from his position in ignominy.


Bleddyn Cadwalader remains a controversial figure due to his support of the Edict to Evacuate and use of his position to impose his viewpoints on the student body of New World Magischola.

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