Bocephus Brayboy
Other Names: None
Occupation: --
Status: Deceased

Bocephus Brayboy (bo-SĒ-fus/BRĀ-boy) One of two rogue Wizards who led a failed 1961 coup against Virginia Isle in an attempt to bring it under the control of one of the terrestrial provinces.

Early Life

Bocephus Brayboy was a member of the Virginia Isle Brayboy family.

Virginia Isle Coup of 1961

Allegedly operating under the direction of a Magimundi Arch Justice, the Chavis and Brayboy families attempted to take control of Virginia Isle and deliver it to one of the provinces. The coup’s leaders Bocephus Brayboy and Red Chavis attempted to hex the wyvern and pixiu surrounding the island, and to motivate members of the Island underbelly to rebel against the ruling families. Wearing black berets, hugag leather motorcycle jackets, and sparse mustaches, Brayboy and Chavis were betrayed by their allies before the coup could really begin. Subdued and handed over to Isle authorities, they were both defenestrated. A posse of Marshals coincidentally approaching the isle by air merely claimed to have received intelligence regarding the coup, and sought to offer protection and support of their beloved neighbor Virginia Isle. The posse was denied permission to alight on the sovereign city-state.


The failed coup of 1961 has inspired Virginia Isle to redouble its efforts to protect itself from efforts to incorporate it into the Magimundi. Virginia Isle leadership is of the firm belief that any lapse in the island's diligent defenses would be too tempting a target for the Provinces of Destiny or Solaris to resist the chance to bring the rogue island under the heel of the Provincial Authority.

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