Other Names: None
Occupation: Cursebreaker, Professor
Status: Deceased

Calísaylá (kal-ē-SĀ-la) was the founder of Casa Calísaylá. A member of the indigenous Karankawa tribe and accomplished Cursebreaker.

Early Life

Born in the late 16th century along the present-day Texas coast, on the island Malhado (mal-HA-dō), which was also known as the Island of Doom to white colonists, or modern day Galveston Island to Mundanes, as it was originally inhabited by Calísaylá’s specific Karankawa tribe. As Spanish colonists arrived, disease broke out and the Karankawa perished. Calísaylá, the only survivor, entered into meditation for a series of months and emerged with unprecedented magical power. In what was essentially a suicidal attack, Calísaylá summoned a hurricane and traveled up the coast of the colonies, laying waste to both Jamestown and Plymouth (1635). After releasing the storm, Calísaylá was confronted by Brûlé and Tituba, and was convinced not to continue their attack nor engage with Guardian Wizards in pursuit of them.

Nothing is known about Calísaylá’s personality prior to their meeting with the other founding Wizards, not even what their name was before they introduced themselves as Calísaylá. Additionally, Calísaylá did not answer those who asked their gender and concealed their body by a cloak of red and gold smoke. Calísaylá radiated power and a very profound sense of sadness and was said to be in a permanent state of mourning, but also occasionally indulged in some very dark humor.

New World Magischola

Calísaylá went on to found Casa Calísaylá at New World Magischola, which was named after them. They fostered a house that values bold thinking, and inclusiveness, as well as holding a general distrust in institutions. Students sorted into Casa Calísaylá have a certain disregard for rules and limitations, and they are full of cunning and mischief. A bit rebellious in nature, they are focused on thwarting injustice, promoting equality, and solving problems using sometimes unorthodox and innovative means.


According to Étienne Brûlé, Calísaylá possessed more raw magical power than any of the other founders, and among their magical feats was a talent for summoning storms and controlling destructive weather. It’s alleged they had the power to conjure and pilot a hurricane and it is known that they could wield arcane fire. Calísaylá’s incredible ability and power with spells has not been duplicated by any Wizards to come after them, much to the frustration of those who wish to achieve their level of prowess.

Nowadays, Casa Calísaylá is most associated with the Cursebreaker Path in honor of its founder, whose ability to decode curses included an as-yet-unable-to-be-replicated method of temporarily suspending a curse while keeping it intact, and leaving no trace of tampering. This talent was particularly useful for obtaining secret information, and Casa Calísaylá cursebreakers still strive to emulate their founder’s coolness under pressure and knack for getting people and objects to divulge their secrets. A few of Calisaylá’s own warding spells remain on the school, since their casting appears to be impossible to duplicate by Wizards in the modern era. Cursebreaker students in Casa Calísaylá are driven to use their talents to unearth the truth, but they are also quite talented in hiding it. House members are very often into runes, rites, magical theory, secret codes, uncovering past knowledge, and solving puzzles and riddles (or making them). No knowledge or type of magic is considered off-limits, and members of Calísaylá flirt with the borders of traditions and laws in their quest to honor the past and embrace the future, the house motto.

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