Candicens Primoris (Can-DEE-kenz Pree-MOR-iss) was a controversial splinter group during the mid-19th century; the Candiceans Primoris used a strategy of buying slaves and their children that showed magical potential, for the sole purpose of instructing them in the magical arts in the Solaris Province. It was led by Luther Zebulon. Candicens Primoris members offered magical training and protection that outwardly appeared to be an improved lot in life and was at first a palatable solution to the debates. In practice, however, the children “rescued” by the Candicens Primoris essentially traded one life of slavery for another of indentured servitude to a magical master. Many of these children were trained solely in illegal or dark magic, as a way for the white wizard to access its power without the risks associated with it. Publicly, the group continued to maintain its benevolence, and wizards appalled by their tactics gained little traction with provincial justices who felt they could not take sides on the issue. Justices were also being bribed or intimidated by Candicens Primoris members who offered “protection” from the dark magic they were perfecting, or who cut the officials in on the considerable black market profits they were making. Most Magimundi felt there was little they could do, and justified to themselves that the children were at least better off with Candicens Primoris than they were under mundane slavery.

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