A philanthropic organization who searches for youth who manifest magic among the Mundanes. The Cinnabar Society discovers and mentors promising young mages born among the Mundanes, helping them recognize their powers and develop them through education, mentorship, entrance into a Primaschola, and gifts of the Leeuwendaalders necessary to enter the Magimundi. The separation from the mundane family of origin is quite commonly a harrowing one. If the magical youngster is not merely made to disappear without explanation, an accident is typically staged so that the mundane parents believe their child has died. The Cinnabar Society has a mandate to make the grieving as painless as possible, but is generally believed that the effort does very little to comfort these families. “There are many ways to do it worse, but no way to do it right,” is the popular quote regarding these circumstances. By the Edict of Mundane Separation and Secrecy, mages with Mundane Heritage may not ever visit their previous family until after they have reached adulthood, and in most cases, they elect not to do so.

The matter of youth of West African heritage born to mundane slaveowners was a tricky problem that created much conflict and Members of the Cinnabar Societies disagreed about how to handle them, some arguing that the Statute of Secrecy prohibited them from interfering, while others also felt that the Magimundi should respect the customs and culture of the Mundanes, which considered these children to be property of their white owners. Still others argued that inhumane and oppressive laws should be broken as a matter of social justice and civil disobedience, thus it was right and proper to subvert the mundane laws permitting slavery and to rescue enslaved children who manifested magic. A controversial splinter organization known as the Candicens Primoris sought out the children of slaves who exhibited magical powers, and negotiated them away from the slave-owners using a monetary exchange.

In the mid-nineteenth century a group of West African Wizards known as the Busua (Boo-swah) began adopting magic users born into slavery, rescuing them from the hands of Candicens Primoris and training them at their own Wizard Training Facilities, known as Boafo Keteke (Bwa-fo Kuh-tek-uh, Akan language).

Magimundi Headquarters of the United Cinnabar Societies is located on Maury Island in the Puget Sound in the Thunderbird Province.

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