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Cryptozoologists are those who study, or have studied, and developed a detailed understanding of how magic interacts with the living world.

Students majoring in Cryptozoology are invested in the Magimundi’s magical creatures, but how they view that investment is a subject of intense debate, not only at the school but across the Magimundi. The discovery, study, conservation, and care of magical creatures is important to many cryptozoologists, who seek to protect them from wizard or mundane interference. Yet the magical ingredients to go in potions or artifacts that can be harvested from these creatures represents a great deal of Leeuwendaalders. A cryptozoologist student must learn the knowledge necessary to protect and foster these creatures, as well as the knowledge to hunt, capture, and exploit them effectively, pitting each student’s love for living things against the lure of the Leeuwendaalder.

Types of Cryptozoologists

Big Game Hunter
Big Game Hunters chase the most dangerous of magical creatures, either for profiting on the magical components or for the thrill. Big Game Hunters may lead very solitary lives pursuing 'the hunt' or work as guides for other mages and Wizards, there are some who become famous personalities in the Magimundi. Some popular cryptids for hunts include wendigo, jackalope, and feral wyverns. A number of cryptozoologists have sought out the elusive snow dragon, but none have been successful so far and these journeys often prove fatal. Those who seek cryptids for parts and components may oftentimes work alongside harvester cryptozoologists.
Cattle Driver
Includes those who raise Cryptids in ranches and farms, essential to the Magimundi Agriculture business. Hudson Unlimited employs a number of chupacabra ranchers to keep Avernus up and running, and the raising and caring of polhappler's mantises as transportation and work animals remains a common profession across the Magimundi.
Dungeon Master
Dungeon masters follow an ancient tradition focusing on microcosm ecology to populate a dungeon (or any suitable designated space) with a self-sustaining ecosystem. More traditionally they may work in stocking a vault with creatures to protect the contents for any number of banks or facilities in the Magimundi, putting them in contact with magical security experts. They can also commonly be found assisting in the creation of cryptozoological parks and assisting in balancing ecosystems that are under stress, which may be due to feral wyverns or fiji mermaids.
Seeks the most valuable components of cryptids for maximum profit, this includes illegal poachers, though those on the legal bent are not likely to accept being grouped with these individuals. They oftentimes work with big game hunters to find their quarry, and with a number of healers and artificiers in order to find a buyer for what cryptid parts they harvest. Cryptids are common ingredients for wand cores.
Species Specialist
Seeks to develop a special connection to a particular cryptid includes those who merely want a harmonious connection or someone seeking a breakthrough (tame an untamable creature for example.) Many fields have interest in species specialists, wendigo, chupacabra, mishipeshu, and thunderbirds are just examples of some of the amazing cryptids that are studied by species specialists. They are often called upon for insights from other cryptozoologists when they enter the field of expertise of a species specialist.
Seeks to give rich full lives and comfortable deaths to all magical creatures. Veterinarians are found all across the Magimundi, as well as Virginia Isle, as cryptids are an integral part of everyday life. Veterinarians work with the whole spectrum of magical creatures, from cactus cats and fern puppies to chupacabra and waheela. Some veterinarians work with domesticated cryptids, while others go out into the wilds of the Magimundi to care for and study cryptids far from civilization. The latter often find themselves working with species specialists.

Well Known Cryptozoologists

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