A list of custom spells from UNofficial sources.


  • Aqueus Incarceri: (ah-KWEE-us in-KAR-ser-i) imprisons the target inside an enormous (roughly 3 meter diameter) bubble of water - air-breathing targets may drown, whereas the spell can be used to protect the wellbeing of water-breathers by providing them with a temporary healthy (if somewhat constrained and immobile) environment.
  • Armus Tyrannosaurus: (arm-uss tie-ran-oh-SORE-us) shrinks target's arms, like a certain prehistoric beast.
  • Incubus ad Sepulchre: (EEN-kyu-buhs AHD sep-UHL-kruh) the target's body ages rapidly, becoming old and frail in the process. Technically a type of temporal magic and subject to the laws overseeing such magic. (Witnessed and noted by Reuben Clifton, 2nd year Calisaylán Marshal)
  • Lux Solaris Maximus: (LUKS so-LAR-is MAKS-im-us): on the face of it, this spell is identical to its more innocuous cousin, the common "Lumen" spell; however, instead of harmless witchlight, this spell conjures up a mote of light imbued with the power of the sun. As a result, the light it casts is very harmful to creatures of darkness, such as unprotected vampires.
  • Vitae Insandigé: (vi-TAY in-SAN-dee-gay) causes a portion of the target's blood to boil in their veins, causing intense pain and temporary debility. (Witnessed and noted by Benjamin Sternfield, 2nd year Casa Calisayla Marshal)


  • Absorbio: (ab-SOR-bee-oh) this spell absorbs the power of an attack spell, rendering it neutral; this spell is widely considered to be inferior to "Deflecto" or "Akando" because a common side effect is that portions of the attack spell are (usually harmlessly) absorbed by the defender. However, this defensive spell frequently finds use in circumstances where the defender cannot afford for spell fragments to strike bystanders or to avoid the effects of "diminished returns" caused by using the same one or two defense spells repeatedly.
  • Aegis Riposte / Aegis Reflectum: (EE-jiss re-POST) / (EE-jiss de-FLEK-tum) Creates a disc-shaped field of force off the length rather than the tip of a wand, allowing for the skillful user to parry spells away (Riposte) or return them back to their caster (Reflectum) (Reuben Clifton, 2nd year Calisaylán Marshal)
  • Geburah!: (geh-BOO-rah) invokes powerful universal principles to deflect a spell downwards, "grounding" it out. (used by Benjamin Sternfield, 2nd year Casa Calisayla Marshal, NWM8)
  • Protectum Crotchius: (proh-TEK-tum CROCH-ee-uss) protects vulnerable parts from harm in a duel or fight (or playing frisbee).
  • Tempo: (tim-POE) Pause a spell in flight allowing it to hang in the air for a few minutes and be studied. (Bastian Reese NWM1 - Patent Pending Forsight Industries 2010)


  • Anastasia: (an-ah-STAY-zah) Deaden all tactile feeling, making you temporarily immune to pain, heat and cold, damage still occurs as does kinetic force. (Bastian Reese NWM1 - Patent Pending Forsight Industries 2013)
  • Cartilaggio Restoro: (KAR-tih-lazzi-yo reh-STOR-oh) helps to heal knees from weary walkers who come to NWM without proper footwear.
  • Energy Transferico: (en-er-gee trans-FER-ee-coh) gives the target some of your strength to assist in healing an injury, mental or physical. Caster must possess a shapestone to use this spell, holding the stone in their right hand and touching the target with their left. Can be used on humans as well as creatures.
  • Fatigusnullafocus: (fah-tee-GUS-null-ah-FOE-kiss) temporarily blocks out exhaustion and increases energy levels. (Bastian Reese NWM1 - Patent Pending Forsight Industries 2016)
  • Nervous Fractum Cryolysis: (NER-vuhs FRACK-tum cri-AWL-ee-sis) relieves the pain frayed, inflammed, or otherwise agitated nerve endings and tendons by numbing the pain receptors. Especially beneficial against spells and injuries that cause nervous tics or repetitive stress injuries (Wizard Elbow). (Reuben Clifton, 2nd year Calisaylán Marshal)

Mind Magic

  • Amorai: (ah-mor-A) target becomes temporarily obsessed with caster. (Bastian Reese NWM1 - Patent Pending Forsight Industries 2015)
  • Imposio Possedus: (im-POHS-ee-oh poh-SED-us) forces a ghost or other possessing spirit to immediately attempt to enter the caster's body; spirits that possess mortal bodies casually will find this spell easier to resist, whereas those spirits that actively long for the flesh will find it extremely difficult to resist under any circumstances. (improvised by Casa Calisayla 2nd year Marshal Benjamin Sternfield, NWM 8 - note that using this spell is almost always an extremely bad idea, quoting Benjamin Sternfield: "why did I do that? That has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever done." Use with caution)


  • Mutio: (mu-TEA-oh) Turns willing nonhuman sapient into a human for an hour. (Bastian Reese NWM1 - Patent Pending Forsight Industries 2015)
  • Hatofulious-Boyfriendio: (ha-TOE-ful-ee-us boy-FREND-ee-oh) Turns subject into a pigeon. Can only work on subjects not able to recognize that they should not be pigeons. Unconsious subjects are ideal, as are subjects particularly weak to mind magic or psychological influence, or people who wish to be pigeons for a short time. Spell is cancelled the moment subject realizes they should not be a pigeon. (Lilith Radcliffe-Forsythe NWM5)


  • Blargle Flargle: (bl-ARR-gel fl-ARR-gel) Flips target 180 degrees on an unpredictable axis. Makes a cheek pop noise upon completion. (Lilith Radcliffe-Forsythe NWM3)
  • Bubbilosio: (bub-bull-LOW-so) Instant bubblewrap someone/thing. (Bastian Reese NWM1 - Patent Pending Forsight Industries 2002)
  • Bubbilessia: (bub-bull-less-EE-ah) Pop all bubblewrap in 100 feet. (Bastian Reese NWM1 - Patent Pending Forsight Industries 2002)
  • Purgio: (purr-GEE-oh)Purges/dispells ALL ongoing spells on a target. (Bastian Reese NWM1 - Patent Pending Forsight Industries 2015)
  • Pyroteknostics: (pie-ROE-tek-nahs-ticks) launches fireworks into the air by summoning them at high speed from the earths core, NOTE: specifically mentioned in P2A4 bylaws as reason for expullsion if cast again on school property by anyone after "science faire incident" of '07. (Bastian Reese NWM1 - Patent Pending Forsight Industries 2007)
  • Rykker: (Rye-ker) Create a glowing line in the air with the tip of your wand. (Bastian Reese NWM1 - Patent Pending Forsight Industries 2005)
  • Thymizup: (time-is-ZUP)-Target and clothes are soaked in soapy water, rinsed, powerdried on the spot in quick succession, clothes come out freshly pressed, and hair done fancy and target smells like flowers. (Bastian Reese NWM1 - Patent Pending Forsight Industries 2011)
  • Vacuosia: (vac-you-OH-see-ah) Opens a pinprick micro portal to the moon, creating a reverse windflow vacuum. (Bastian Reese NWM1 - Patent Pending Forsight Industries 2016)
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