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Prior to 2019, there had only been one Arch Justice for Destiny Province, Herodotus Forsythe. The Arch Justice had disappeared for some time in years past, but always returned looking a bit leaner, but healthy- this time it appeared to be that Herodotus would not return and confirmations of the Arch Justice's death had been made.

Because Herodotus Forsythe was the first and only Arch Justice of the province, there was no formal succession system as it had not been needed. Guidance from the Provincial founding documents seemed to point to martial prowess and sheer magical power to determine the Arch Justice mantle, but some insisted that this manner would not point to a wise and able Arch Justice.

Over the course of several months, six candidates arose to try for the position, including Cuthbert Ostrander, Artemis Pliny-Oehler, Bertram Forsythe, Garfield Radcliffe-Forsythe, and Thérèse Wattenhammer, and Montana Styles. These six, along with representatives of the influential families of the Province and obligatory mundane born and Mixed-Heritage electors (added to appease progressives) were be sealed into a warded chamber and may not emerge until an Arch Justice has been appointed.

Montana Styles' Consideration

At the Conclave, it was revealed that Virginia Dare had secretly extorted Herodotus Forsythe to create an edict declaring that the current Chancellor for New World Magischola would be a candidate for Destiny Arch Justice when the time arose. Because of this, Montana Styles was considered for Arch Justice at Destiny Conclave and were, in fact, the only mundane born to be considered for the position.


Those present at Destiny Conclave decided that a ranked-choice system was to be implemented with a >50% super majority requirement. In this system, individuals select candidates by preference. Their first choice at number one, second at two, and so forth. If with the first round of counting the votes, the super majority is not met by any candidates, the least popular candidate is dropped and those individuals move to their second-choice candidate, if there is still no clear winner, then the process is repeated.


In the first round of voting, Oehler-Pliny and Styles were very closely matched. Neither candidate had a super majority, so second and third choices began to be used for the polls. When considering second and third choice, Montana Styles pulled ahead in a decisive victory. Arch Justice Styles appointed Oehler-Pliny as the Highest Ranking Justice in Destiny Province, and appointed Vita Radliffe-Forsythe as acting New World Magischola Chancellor until a new leader is appointed.

Arch Justice Styles' platform focused heavily on greater academic freedoms and funding, as well as increasing the availability of Romulus Potions, but that werewolves should have to be placed on a registry for access.

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