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Destiny Province is claimed by numerous citizens to be the Original Province in the Magimundi, while many others will point out is based on the colonialist idea that the Magimundi, as wizards in North America, did not exist before European colonists arrived. Mages lived in the regions of every “province” long before the Provincial territories were defined. Just the same, the misconception lingers. The Province is home to a majority of Unsoiled Families, as well as Imperial Magischola of Massachusetts Bay, which is speculated to contribute to this idea of inherent superiority.

The province is home to the


Destiny Province culture considers itself derivative of European mage culture, which European mages are quick to also dispute. The most accurate assessment is perhaps the concept of a western European style reimagined in modern sensibilities. This is the place of “new” Amsterdam, “new” York, “new” France, and “new” Jersey. The most dismissive assessment from member of other provinces is that the culture is what emerges when everyone is trying to be snootier than everyone else for five hundred years. The idea of the “eligeri” or the elect, which is what alumni of Imperial Magischola are called, pervades in the Province, and Destiny citizens feel a special duty to uphold values of decorum, nobility, respectability, and honor -- a station worthy of their calling.

Since it exists among a great deal of highly populated mundane cities, Destiny Province is particularly reliant on illusion and misdirection to hide the Magimundi from the mundane world in plain sight. Semi-permeable walls, passages, hidden doors and hallways were at first a necessity, but eventually became an essential architectural quirk that found its way into rural or suburban areas of Destiny that didn’t have a pressing need to conserve hidden space. As a visitor from Mishipeshu once quipped, “Why would anyone from Destiny walk through a door when they could climb through a window, enter a ballroom-sized broom closet, and slide down a chimney?” The quirks of location and entry also easily divide residents from visitors, and knowing one’s way around is considered to be an important mark of status.

Economy and The Black Market

Destiny Province is featured on the 20 Leeuwendaalders bill, with the image of Cartier & Champlain Curiositorium and Library, which is located in the Province and has the distinction of being the oldest repository of magical knowledge in North America.
Destiny Province features the highest average cost of living of all the Provinces, and to acquire a home or open a business there is considered to be a strong indicator of success. The wealth has also led to a significant black market presence in the province. The cosmopolitan urban sections of Destiny Province are the most reliable location for all sorts of contraband, including (it is rumored) the notorious Slagerods. Destiny also employs the most Marshals of any of the Province, who tirelessly work to eliminate, detain, and deter the criminal elements and to protect the citizens. The countless hidden pathways and illusions present an enforcement nightmare for Marshals that isn’t duplicated in any other province, and to have served as a Marshal in Destiny for more than a few years is a clear mark of intelligence, grit, and tenacity, and also looks very good on a resume.

Selection of a New Arch Justice

The former Arch Justice of Destiny Province was Herodotus Forsythe, and was widely considered to be the single most powerful Wizard on the continent. His presence on the Council of Five was a quiet one, and he rarely spoke or commented more than a few words. His age was unknown, but he was, until recently, the only remaining original member of the Council of Five and is estimated to be at least five centuries old at the time of his death. Some rumors claim that he was discovered to have been a lich, using necromancy to unnaturally prolong their life and was executed by brave individuals who sought to protect the Magimundi, others say that he was assassinated, and others still claim that he died peacefully in his sleep. Regardless, there is an unusual number of rumors regarding the life and death of Herodotus Forsythe.

The Council of Five will be meeting in the Spring of 2018 to decide on what should be done to select a new Arch Justice for Destiny Province.

Providence Preparatory Academy for the Advancement of the Arcane Arts

Also known as P2A4, it is the oldest primaschola in the Magimundi that has been continuously operating in the same location (technically Magnolia Sun School of Sorcery in Solaris Province was founded before P2A4). The curriculum of the school is based in traditions of mystical and kabbalistic magic, and in particular draws from the Druid tradition. P2A4 graduates see themselves as guardians of magical truths and particularly value the traditions of prophecy, divination, arithmancy, alchemy, ancient languages and runes or sigils, devotional magic, and mind magic. As the name implies, mages here fervently believe in the concept of destiny and fulfilling one’s place within the universe. Every mage is born to contribute to the world in the proper — and pre-ordained — way, and it is up to that person to determine their calling and answer it with conviction.

The Jersey Devil

Destiny Province is also famous for being home to the only Dragon native to North America, the Jersey Devil. The creature makes its home in the pine barrens, and Destiny law forbids interactions with it. While small in size compared to European dragons, the creature is exceptionally powerful, intelligent, and crabby. Most mages do not survive encounters with it, and interacting with it is actually prohibited by Province law. Field trips to the Pine Barrens are still an annual rite of passage for students at P2A4, but require the signing of a significant waiver to release Primaschola officials from liability.
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