In the northern reaches of the Thunderbird Province is Diamantstøv, a magical and mythical city made of ice and quartz that cannot always be found. It seems that it appears only at certain times, though a pattern has never been discovered. It is a pilgrimage place for Magimundi members, and seeking it is a legendary quest undertaken by the most erudite or desperate Wizards.

Renowned Magimundi scholars and healers live in Diamantstøv, and seekers of secrets of the esoteric and arcane undertake the goal to find it and be accepted by the city. It is conjectured that Diamantstøv travels between the planes of existence and thus is only in this world occasionally. Many claim to glimpse Diamantstøv from the distance, and some associate it with the magic of the Snow Dragon.

In 1765, explorer Alice Barks returned from an expedition without any of those who had started it with them, claiming to have seen a city carved of ice, but the ice was crystallized knowledge, a city built entirely of wisdom. Barks was sent to the Swindlehurst Institute for Magical Ailments and Afflictions, raving about the sublime nature of the confectioneries found in the city as they were placed in the ward for those whose minds had been damaged by unknown magics. Barks’s writings, believed to be merely delusions at first, have now been peered at by scholars searching for potential clues to what is believed to be a first hand sighting of the legendary city. Barks died of an infection in 1770, believed to be caused by consuming shadow weed, which lead to an investigation of the safety conditions at the Swindlehurst Institute.

Still, tales of Diamontstøv continued to spread, and the legend grew. In 1832, Jordan Haguewell wrote a book of his alleged encounters with Diamontstøv, “The Miracle Land in the North” speaking about the frozen bridge that opens once a century, the Order of the Frozen Anchor that rules the city with perfect harmony, and the Library of All Things, where dwell enchanted books that display forgotten drafts, thrown away by frustrated writers. Haguewell’s account of using Astromancy to discern when the frozen bridge would open to briefly visit the hidden realm was later discovered to be entirely falsified, though many adventurers seek for potential clues that could be found within, believing that there is true in fiction. Haguewell retired to Virginia Isle with the money earned by selling the book, escaping attempted lawsuits by explorers who felt tricked in the process.

Still, the legend grew. Legends that the secret of perfect immortality can be found there, that the city remains hidden to ensure that wars do not break out over the magical knowledge stores there. Legends that they were the originators of the Wendigo, designed to protect outsiders from learning their secrets. That the city is ruled by the lost North American dragons, or that they were cursed to leave the world behind after killing the North American dragons. Many believe that it may just be an illusion, meant to misdirect adventurers, a trap for the curious. Some believe the location is encoded in runes or in a cipher, perhaps the wooden poles used as mystical anchors by the magical residents of the northern lands could serve as the key. Reports of people claiming to see the city in the northern lights at night have never been confirmed. While there is no proof that Diamontstøv exists, so many devote themselves towards proving it exists.

Wizards who die a noble death are believed to reappear in Diamantstøv, prompting legends that Parthena Cloudbourne and Janice Maeda are now citizens of this city. Their spirits are thought to ride along the Northern Lights until they enter the city.

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