Dueling is the manner of conducting combat with magic, typically by use of a wand. Magical duels are a time honored tradition in Magimundi society, used both to settle disputes as well as a form of sport and recreation. Many schools across North America have their own dueling teams, at the Magischola level these are typically called Crossed Wands Club. Many kinds of dueling exist, the most common form being endurance duels wherein the goal is to render your opponent incapable of continuing, rather than killing them (which is its own form of dueling that is not taken lightly). Further there is Spectacle Dueling, which is quickly growing in popularity within the Magimundi, in which both combatants are judged not according to their ability to harm each other, but the style and flourish in which they compose themselves and their magic during a duel.

Rules of Engagement

Before the code of the duelist was formalized, wizards would war with each other as minor disagreements escalated into severe conflicts. These battles would prove destructive to not only those involved, but to all who were unfortunate to be nearby. To stop that, the Code of the Duelist was established.

  1. A Civilized Wizard Shall Accept Dueling To Formally Settle Disagreements.
  2. A Wizard May Elect To Choose A Champion To Compete In Their Stead Without Penalty.
  3. Should Their Champion Lose, The Wizard Will Accept Said Loss As Their Own.
  4. A Duelist Shall Yield Should Their Opponent Concede.
  5. A Duelist Shall Only Attack Their Opponent; No Innocents Shall Be Harmed.
  6. A Judge Shall Be Chosen, Neutral And Amenable To Both Parties.
  7. A Duelist Shall Defer To The Judge’s Rulings Before, During And After Their Duel.
  8. The Terms Of The Duel Must Be Made Clear And Agreed Upon By All Parties Involved.
  9. The Result Of A Duel Is Final, And Binding.
  10. To Interfere In The Duel Of Another Is Forbidden.

Competitive Dueling

In competitive duels, typically they continue until an individual is incapacitated or forfeits, leading some to refer to these as 'endurance duels.' Competitive dueling may be done one on one, or in teams. According to the agreed rules, it is accepted that no individual may use the same spell more than once and that physical contact is not allowed, such as punches, kicks, or similar. The method of attack must be magical in nature. Spells that are illegal, or restricted in Magimundi society are disallowed from competitive dueling (such as time magic and necromancy). There are some that believe that someone can use spells in a duel as long as they have legal permissions to use it, such as certain offensive spells allowed to Marshals, however others argue that this inherently imbalances the duel and is an example of poor sportsmanship.

Spectacle Dueling

There are a minimum of 5 people required for spectacle dueling, two duelists and a panel of three judges. A time limit is set for each round of combat (typically 5 minutes), however, if a duelist is knocked out or forfeits before the five minutes are up, then the duel is stopped immediately. At the completion of the duel, the judges will score the participants from 1-10 according to set criteria such as style, creativity, flashiness, et cetera. Both duelists are compared against each other and whoever has the highest score wins the duel. Because of this method of determining a winner, it is possible for an incapacitated duelist to win, but this is very rare.

Similar to Competitive Dueling, Spectacle Dueling does not allow for the repetition of spells, and the use of physical attacks is disallowed- however there is some traction to allow the use of a new magical punching spell that was invented in December of 2018.

Famous Duelists

A. Fitzroy
Hailing from Virginia Isle, A. Fitzroy is a renowned competitive duelist and five-time world champion.
Anotonio Alvarez
The dueling master at Imperial Magischola of Massachusetts Bay, and former duelist on the competitive circuit.
Arch Justice Montana Styles
While not a successful competitive duelist, Arch Justice Styles of Destiny Province is well known for settling matters on the dueling ground, where he has utilized physical violence on multiple occasions to end the dispute.
Vitruvius Henry Peter Steinkraft
Founder of Imperial Magischola of Massachusetts Bay's Agrippa Court, who at one point bested five opponents at once, unassisted.
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