This edict is one of the most controversial in the Magimundi. At its core, it definitely prohibits making “fake” leeuwendaalders. At its periphery, however, it arguably prohibits a number of other financial transactions that may seem commonplace to most contemporary Magi. For example, hundreds of years ago this prohibited promising someone payment in leeuwendaalders when the promisor didn’t have access to the promised leeuwendaalders. This essentially prohibits buying on credit. Obviously many Virginia Isle and even Destiny banks offer lines of credit. However, Magimundi marshals can use the Edict of Deference to catch almost anyone in having more debits than they have credits. Activists are pushing the Council to issue a new Edict of Deference but they have been reluctant to do so. Perhaps because it enriches the Virginia Isle and Destiny banks who seemingly have permission to offer lines of credit. Perhaps because it allows Magimundi Marshals to operate in a liminal space. Many detainees in Avernus were likely guilty of murder and mayhem but were convicted of violating the Edict of Deference.

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