Elsabeth Steinkraft
Other Names: --
Occupation: Phantasmologist
Status: Deceased

Elsabeth Steinkraft was a well known and respected Wizard from Austria/Prussia, who came to North America following a sequential falling out with European wizarding society. She was very vocal about her magical practices, which overlapped with dark magics, necromancy, and phantasmology (a branch of extra-planar studies that includes summoning, binding, and dealing with spirits, Corruptors, and chaos, including Psythyros, “The Whisper Realm”).

Early Life

It was initially believed that she came to North America to escape criticisms of her practice. Though she was always known as fair-minded and never cruel, using her magic for good, or at least not for undeserved ills. Still, her beliefs were deemed too esoteric and dangerous by some, while being labeled too progressive by others. However, after the disappearance of Steinkraft Manor it was revealed by Bertram Forsythe that Ms. Steinkraft had lycanthropy, and wished it to be public after her death. Elsabeth became infected during her second year of magilyceum, reportedly by Wolfgang of Habsburg. Wolfgang was a notorious werewolf and phantasmologist from the area’s ruling family who was under their protection despite his wanton and rampant violence. Lycanthropy was a death sentence for many, or at least meant a life of shame and ignominy. Elsabeth rejected these sentences and though she was careful not to make herself a target, she sought to embrace her lycan identity and manage the adverse symptoms. With the aid of obscure phantasmology, she was able to put herself in an astral-torpor during her lunar changes, leaving a transformed physical body with no animation or spark of life in our physical reality, instead taking the bestial spirit to another plane. She deemed this practice too dangerous for any other being, and kept no record of whatever technique or ritual she used.

Pursuit of Wolfgang of Habsburg

After infecting Elsabeth, Wolfgang continued his monthly rampages. A particularly violent evening in which Wolfgang slaughtered an entire mundane village caused the Habsburg family to realize that the benefits of covering for his actions were outweighed by the negative. In consort with the Guardians of that magical conflux, they tortured and interrogated him, and forced him to give the names of other lycans. Elsabeth was named, and was about to be arrested or killed by the magical community. The Habsburgs had one last bit of compassion for Wolfgang, and got him passage to the New World on Henry Hudson’s ship the Halve Maen rather than have him executed. Horrified that he would spread his violence unabated on a new continent and without options for her own safety and livelihood, Elsabeth stowed away on the Halve Maen with the purpose of confronting Wolfgang and establishing a new life for herself.

Without the constant disdainful watching of Old World Society, Elsabeth located and dispatched Wolfgang of Habsburg within two months, cornering him in a granite outcropping east of the Connecticut River near the White Mountains. The climax was a violent magical duel. The full moon rose, and the melee continued in their bestial forms. They wrestled without a clear victor, wounds healing too quickly for death’s reach. Curiously coordinated and intelligent wolves had emerged from the woods during the battle, and while not explicitly taking sides, they had triangulated their positions to Elsabeth’s advantage. Elsabeth, able to hold tenuous connections to her human, tactical mind, outmaneuvered Wolfgang, and he was crushed by a landslide of granite boulders immediately after he took a fall.

Nolke Sanôba and Later Life

Elsabeth lived a solitary life of study along the Northeast coast, until she met her future husband, Nolke Sanôba, a shaman of the Penobscot nation and member of the Wôbi Gizos loup-garoux. Sanôba provided knowledge of local cryptids and alchemical ingredients, and Elsabeth assisted with the new and strange illnesses brought by early settlers; they shared esoteric and arcane knowledge with each other and found the ways they wielded magical energy to be more alike than different, despite Sanôba not using a wand. On top of their intellectual and emotional connections, they were drawn to each other on a primal level, a pheromonal one, each of them scenting something familiar in the other. Their romance was inevitable, powerful, and lasting.

Elsabeth and Nolke had one child together, Vitruvius Henry Peter Steinkraft, who would later go on to found Agrippa Court at Imperial Magischola of Massachusetts Bay.


Unfortunately, much of Elsabeth's works were lost when Steinkraft Manor disappeared overnight, leaving behind a sixty-foot deep crater was discovered where his estate, Steinkraft Manor, had stood on the seacoast of Destiny, in the eastern rocky islands of Casco Bay. In the mid-20th century, the land was finally acquired by Foresight Enterprises, and excavation was done on the property. Some catacombs were found, but the collapsed state left only a few less important ritual and meditation chambers intact, according to Foresight’s official report to Destiny Marshal’s services. The ground was filled in, and a memorial and ley-line energy tap now stand on the property.

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