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Healing involves the most detailed understanding of how magic interacts with the human body, and the amount of dedication and study required to become a healer makes these individuals often some of the most respected individuals in a scholastic setting. Someone who studies healing is referred to as a healer.

Contrary to what one might expect, not all healer students feel a vocational duty to alleviate suffering. Learning the healing arts requires students to study all the interactions between the human body and the magical world, not merely magical poisons, diseases, and curses, but also the effects of potions and spells to enhance and augment the body, sometimes in controversial ways. Healing may involve a complex administration of potions, naturopathy, ritual, and use of other spells, depending on the magical malady encountered. Healer students, perhaps more than any other major, also study mundane medicine seeing it as a valuable body of knowledge to draw from in order to enhance magical healing techniques. It’s a common trend for healer students, what with their interest in the body, to also take an interest in sometimes physically demanding sport and exercise, which is considered to be a bit “unwizardly” in the Magimundi.

Medical Facilities in the Magimundi

Swindlehurst Institute for Magical Ailments and Afflictions
Also called 'Swindlehurst' in shorthand, this facility is the largest centralized hospital and medical treatment facility for the Magimundi. The Swindlehurst Institute is located in the Thunderbird Province and is staffed by a highly-trained team of Wizards who are well versed in magical healing. The Psychiatric wing of the institute specializes in magical afflictions of the mind, and also possesses high-security facilities for the criminally insane.
Kwame Boafeng Healing Institute
Kwame Boafeng Healing Institute is the primary healing center of Solaris Province. It was named for a prominent wizard of the Busua who opened the facility to treat magically-inclined slaves of Solaris; but has since become one of the foremost medical institutions of the Magimundi.
Jaramillo Healing Facility
Jaramillo Healing Facility is the main healing center of Baja Province, named for Don Pedro Jaramillo, the co-founder of Flower Mountain Escuela Mágica. It’s healers predominantly follow the curanderismo tradition.

Types of Healers

Seeks to eliminate pain, disease, and suffering. Also includes those seeking immortality. Caregivers often include medical practitioners all the way from the most rural stretches of Mishipeshu to the bustling cities of Destiny, tending to people who are in need.
Med. Entrepreneur
Seeks to heal others with the intent to create profit driving innovations. Superficially identical to the caregiver apart from motive. Medical entrepreneurs can oftentimes very lucrative find work with top Magimundi businesses like Foresight Enterprises.
Potion Vendor
Focuses on the magical properties of potions and specializes in improving existing formulas and designing new potion types. Potion vendors oftentimes work alongside artificiers in labs developing new potions and cures. They are frequently at the forefront of new developments in the magical medical world.
Learns the healer's arts with intent to weaponize them, includes those who merely wish martial self improvement along with those who have more sinister motives. Not typically a specialization that healers advertise, rippers are nonetheless a part of the Magimundi. Their wares are typically found on the black market, though sometimes rural healing facilities will reluctantly rely on the aid of a healer to meet demand when faced with a crisis and there are always wealthy wizards who are more than happy to pay top dollar for quality parts.
Studies mundane healing techniques and incorporates them into magical healing, includes those trying to cure cursed wounds or afflictions that resist standard magical healing. Surgeries one might expect to face in the Magimundi include procedures very similar to those seen among mundanes, to removing and repairing patients from a botched transfigurist's work, to removing and improving any number of parts or organs on a wizard.
Seeks the secrets of bodily transformation, be it mere body modification or unlocking the secrets of shapeshifters. Transfigurists may enter research in regard to loup-garoux, werewolves, and naguali, learning what makes their amazing transformations possible. Others seek to help wizards become the person which they wish to be, through any number of magical procedures that could include anything from animated tattoos to implanted wands in one's arm (for 'wandless' magic) and other subdermal artifacts.

Famous Healers

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