Jack Hudson
Other Names: N/A
Occupation: Marshal, CEO (Hudson Unlimited)
Status: Alive

Jack Hudson founded Avernus prison and ushered in a new era of the Magimundi Prison-Industrial complex. Prior to the end of the Magma Wars in 1830, Magimundi criminals were held in regional facilities in the Provinces, with no consistency of standards. But at the conclusion of the conflict at the Yellowstone Caldera, Jack Hudson, then a young Marshal, discovered a cave system that Chupacabra had taken refuge in to escape the fighting. It was unapproachable due to toxic fumes that the Chupacabra were immune to. By methods that Hudson has elected not to reveal, he was able to explore the cave system, finding that an underground lake over a magma vent was the cause of the poisonous air. Hudson expanded the cave system into an underground prison complex he named Avernus where Magimundi prisoners would be guarded by Chupacabra. Regional jails and prisons were emptied, prisoners were escorted into Avernus, and Jack Hudson was paid a considerable sum of Leeuwendaalders by each Province. His venture, Avernus Prison, has since expanded into Hudson Unlimited. (Testiment to Jack Hudson’s wealth is that he, a mundane born wizard, married into the Unsoiled Forsythe family, so now he is related through marriage to former Arch Justice Herodotus Forsythe.)

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