Lepus antilocapra
Family: Mammalian
Classification: Non-sapient
Manifestation: Corporeal
Pronunciation: JAK-A-lōp

The jackalope (JAK-A-lōp) is a well-known fearsome critter described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns. The word "jackalope" is a portmanteau of "jackrabbit" and "antelope," although the jackrabbit is not a rabbit and the American antelope is not an antelope.

Only male jackalopes have antlers, but the female jackalope still differs from other hares in that they are faster and appear to have some ability to camouflage themselves. Jackalopes are also highly resistant to magic, making them difficult to manage as familiars or pets.

Normally a shy animal, the jackalope's behavior changes drastically during its mating season in the spring when male jackalopes will lock antlers or attempt to chase other males away in order to secure their access to breeding females.

Hunting jackalopes is extremely dangerous, and anyone attempting it is advised to wear stove-pipe coverings on their legs to protect themselves from being gored. Should you wish to entice a jackalope closer, the best lure by far is whiskey, the jackalope's beverage of choice.

The jackalope can imitate the human voice. During the days of the Old West, when cowboys gathered by the campfires singing at night, jackalopes could be heard mimicking their voices or singing along, usually as a tenor.

A juvenile jackalope is called a leveret. The collective noun for a group of jackalopes is a drove.


The jackalope lives in northwestern North America, primarily around Wyoming. They prefer flat, empty grasslands. Jackalopes are solitary, like hares, and live in simple nests above ground.


Jackalopes are physically hares in their biology except for the growth of antlers. They are preternaturally fast, naturally resistant to magic, and slightly more aggressive than normal hares. Jackalopes have some natural camouflage abilities, as well, and can change the color of their fur to almost any color at will. It is thought that the color reflects their emotional state, but they may also change color just to be difficult.


Jackalopes are herbivorous and their diet consists mostly of leaves, grasses, and assorted fruits and vegetables.

Magical Uses

Jackalope pelts can be sewn into boots of speed. Their antlers can be fashioned into puissant wands that especially excel at offensive and illusion magic, making them a particular favorite among dueling astromancers. Their organs can be used for charms and potions. Their entrails can be read for divination. Jackalope feet can be fashioned into luck charms.


The stovepipe defense against jackalopes is not unreasonable. Jackalopes have an uncanny ability to be where you least expect them, and even the most experienced hunter can be caught off guard by the vexing nature of their speed and attack and get seriously injured. The best defense against an aggressive jackalope is a simple levitation spell. Even a leaping attack from a jackalope isn't nearly as bad as the damage it can inflict with its gore, and most won't even attempt to attack a creature that isn't on the ground.

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