Janice Maeda
Other Names: N/A
Occupation: Activist
Status: Deceased

Janice Maeda was a Wizard of Thunderbird Province, and when U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt signed executive order 9066 on February 19, 1942, Janice Maeda, an influential activist, declared that she would not stand idly by as the Mundane Government of the United States and Canada prepared to relocate and detain Japanese-American citizens in internment camps.

Declaring that the Edict of Mundane Separation and Secrecy was inviolate, most provincial Magimundi citizens looked the other way, electing not to intervene despite the abominable conditions at the camps. In defiance of provincial authorities, Janice Maeda said, “I do not wish to live in a world that will tolerate this atrocity” and set upon a course to confront Mundane army officials and thwart the enactment of the order. On March 24th, Janice Maeda hand-delivered a letter to Arch Justice Windwalker declaring her intention to assassinate Mundane General John L. DeWitt if he issued Civilian Exclusions Orders to the Japanese-American citizens on Bainbridge Island.

Against the pleas of officials not to intervene and risk exposure of the Magimundi, Janice Maeda traveled to Bainbridge Island where she was fatally wounded by spells cast by Marshals later that morning. DeWitt’s orders were issued without interference. Reports of the activist’s death proved to be incendiary, with the majority of students at Lewis & Clark leaving the school in protest the following day. For the next three years, Thunderbird Province found itself in a crucible of distrust and suspicion with its community openly challenging the Province Justices and Fonctionnaires, often shouting the popular chant, “Are your eyes open?!?” This was a direct accusation of “turning a blind eye” toward the injustice. It is widely considered that it was at this point that Thunderbird Province’s values began to shift towards the liberal end of the political spectrum, much further than the Mundane World culture at the time with regard to equality and inclusion.

One of the houses of Lewis & Clark Institute of Magic is named for her and some believe that she is not truly dead, but lives on Diamantstøv.

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