The Ley Lines are magical currents that cross the entire world. By manipulating the ley lines, it is possible to increase the effective area of a spell or ritual, however this is highly illegal due to the Edict of Ley Line Protection, as it has an increased potential of widespread damage. Interfering with the ley lines may create Scarring, which allows Corruptors and other creatures into our world. In the 18th Century, Gunnar Immuffati deliberately broke the ley lines running through the Ozarks and brought forth a contingent of semi-ethereal creatures in the shape of Manticores who terrorized the area for nearly 50 years before the last one was banished.

Solaris Province is notable for its highly unstable ley lines. The shifting yet fertile soil of the coastal system seems to alter the ley lines under the province and periodically extra-planar beings, ghosts, spirits and poltergeists belch forth from the mire as the earth energies seek to close the gap. Some dark Wizards specialize in artificially engineering these faults in the ley lines in order to summon such beings, but these practices are strictly forbidden by one of the oldest edicts issued by the Council of Five, as mentioned above, and a Solaris Province law that predates it. While magic users are accustomed to contact with visitations from other planes, to actively attempt to disrupt the web connecting them merely to “see what happens” is viewed as reckless.

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