This tradition was developed in Maison Du Bois in the 1950's to promote house unity. It continues to this day.

This is usually organized by a member of the house who has a sibling join and is done by only the first years. Though sometimes the braver second and third years need a reminder of what injustice tastes like.


Officiant 1: We do not always win.

Officiant 2: It was late into the celebration following the defeat of the gorecasters when Astrid Jeppson, house monitor for Maison Du Bois spoke those words.

O1: We do not always win.

O2: She gathered together the first years and the first years alone, away from the crowds of celebrants and those weeping for those who had died in the battle, and spoke to them thus:

O1 & O2: We do not always win,

O1: Nor are we always defeated. So in defeat we must always hold to that part of ourselves that is our brightest star in the night, and in victory we must always remember to see the pattern and what we still have to do.

O2: After speaking these words, Astrid produced an antique bottle, the one you see before you, which contained her father’s burn-wine, and enspelled it.

O1: I set out seven glasses, following the pattern of our constellation, one for each of you who has survived this night, and I commend you as first years to teach this ritual to those who follow you, as I teach it to you now. Learn the names as an incantation:

Participant 1: Engle

P2: Schwab

P3: Spies

P4: Fischer

P5: Lingg

P6: Parsons

P7: Fielden

O1: And I pour myself this glass for Neebe, for not all martyrs die. And we raise our glasses to Altgeld, as true to the spirit of DuBois as any who stood in this house. But we set our glasses back down, because we each must face injustice alone in our hearts, even as we stand shoulder to shoulder.

O2: The rite is now set. When you drink the Jeppson’s Malort, you will now taste the flavor of injustice itself. It will be a taste unique to you because your vision of justice is unique to you. Speak the incantation before you drink; afterward, you may need to roar to summon the strength of the bear to persevere. Should you feel so moved, you may discuss what the taste is like to you. Skål up!

O1: Engle, Schwab, Spies, Fischer, Lingg, Parsons, Fielden. Skål up!

(Others follow suit)

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