Martyrdom of the Seven was an event that occurred in 1864; when the Principal Parthena Cloudbourne of the Magnolia Sun School of Sorcery, two faculty members, and several students (including J. Gripière, house ghost of Lakay Laveau), perished in the defense of Atlanta from the dark necromancer Thanatos Akeldama.

Following the Martyrdom of the Seven, Moman Pengembara, who was Principal of Magnolia Sun after Cloudbourne passed, successfully hid the school from Akeldama until he could be defeated.

Omnes Magica

Omnes Magica is an organization that now has chapters across Solaris Province that has worked to make great strides at fostering dialogue and bringing together Wizards from all magical backgrounds and lineages. Omnes Magica was instrumental in getting the Martyrdom of the Seven commemorated.

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