Someone of Mixed-Heritage may have one (or more) Mixed or Mundane parent or grandparent. Mages of mixed heritage are the majority in the Magimundi, and as such this is the default presumption anyone would make about a mage they have just met. A person of Mixed-Heritage can be relatively new to the Magimundi or established, poor or wealthy. Since they grew up aware of the Magimundi, they do not need to be indoctrinated into its culture, and they usually do not face the pressures to conform to the rigorous standards of Unsoiled Heritage families.

Mixed-Heritage families have at least one instance where a Magimundi forms a family partnership with a person from the Mundane world. It has become tradition for there to be a revealing of secrets the night before an official ceremony. This is, by most accounts, a very harrowing experience, where the partner from the Mundane world has to make a final decision. An answer of “no” typically means that partner’s memory is erased, the ceremony is called off, and any gifts returned. “Yes” means that the partner agrees to become a citizen of the Magimundi, beholden to its edicts and secrets. They are given some cursory assistance adjusting to their suddenly very different life, some classes and counseling, but the main burden of acclimating them rests on their magical partner. Harsh penalties await both should the non-magical partner fail to keep the Magimundi’s secrets. Mixed Heritage mages who may be particularly wealthy, or very “close” to Unsoiled Heritage, may find themselves drawn into the web of intrigue of Unsoiled Heritage society, facing most of the drawbacks and gaining few of the perks.

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