Montana Styles
Other Names: N/A
Occupation: Professor, Chancellor (New World Magischola), Arch Justice (Destiny Province)
Status: Alive

Montana Styles is the current Arch Justice of Destiny Province, preceded by Herodotus Forsythe. Prior to this, he was Chancellor at New World Magischola where he also taught Combat & Defense, as well as Ethics.

Early Life

Montana Styles was born on a mundane tobacco farm in Solaris Province. His magic manifested itself when he had run through the newly sprouted fields one afternoon, and the following day the plants were all 7 feet tall. He was shortly thereafter located by the Cinnabar Society. When his parents' memories were altered to allow him to be brought into the Magimundi, he protested aggressively. He was relocated to Destiny Province where he attended Providence Preparatory Academy for the Advancement of the Arcane Arts (P2A4). At P2A4, he faced a large amount of prejudice as a mundane born, and on his first day of school he punched an unsoiled student who had mocked him.

Headmaster Bradford advised the young Montana that if he was going to survive in magical society, he was going to have to learn how to fight like a mage. He excelled in combat magics, and went on to attend New World Magischola as a marshal student on the Enforcer path and was sorted into House Croatan. It was at New World Magischola that he met his fiance, Abigail O'Leary, an exceptionally skilled mundane born artificier.


After graduating New World Magischola, Montana Styles joined the Office for the Protection of Mundanes in Destiny Province, an understaffed and underfunded department. He gained a reputation for aggression there after punching, and breaking the nose of, someone accused of harming mundanes. It was at some point while working at the Office for the Protection of Mundanes that Abigail O'Leary seems to have disappeared from public record.

Career At New World Magischola

Due to his legendary and notorious fighting skills, he acquired a position as a Magical Combat & Defense professor at New World Magischola where he was constantly at odds with his counterpart, A. Fitzroy, a famous duelist from Virginia Isle. As a professor, he was known for having classes that were exceptionally dangerous and focused on, as he would put it, "practical learning experiences."

When Montana Styles was appointed to the position of Chancellor at New World Magischola, he received threats on his life, and the lives of the students. In response he increased the campus security and appointed student-run teams to keep tabs on each other and report on potential threats, wary of any potential threats that would might give excuses to fire him from his position.

A group of unsoiled wizards came to the school and threatened him, that he should resign or they would attack. Chancellor Styles challenged these wizards to a duel, on the terms that if he should lose, he would resign, and if he should win then the group would leave the school in peace. The terms were set and it was agreed that whoever hit the ground first would lose the duel.

Styles held his own for a time, but it became apparent that he would not last in a drawn out, classical duel. He held out his hand to shake and forfeit the duel, but used this as an opportunity to sucker punch his opponent. From this strike, the unsoiled wizard fell to the ground and it was declared that Chancellor Styles won the duel and would remain at New World Magischola and the student-run teams he had appointed were dissolved.

Destiny Conclave

At the Destiny Conclave, it was revealed that Virginia Dare had secretly extorted Herodotus Forsythe to create an edict declaring that the current Chancellor for New World Magischola would be a candidate for Destiny Arch Justice when the time arose. Because of this, Montana Styles was considered for Arch Justice at Destiny Conclave and were, in fact, the only mundane born to be considered for the position.

At the Conclave, it was decided that the Arch Justice would be selected with a ranked choice voting system. In the first round of voting, Oehler-Pliny and Styles were very closely matched. Neither candidate had a super majority, so second and third choices began to be used for the polls. When considering second and third choice, Montana Styles pulled ahead in a decisive victory. Arch Justice Styles appointed Oehler-Pliny as the Highest Ranking Justice in Destiny Province, and appointed Vita Radliffe-Forsythe as acting New World Magischola Chancellor until a new leader is appointed.

Arch Justice

At the Destiny Conclave, Arch Justice Styles' platform was established on several key policies.

  1. Mundane Born Rights
    He believes that the Magimundi needs an overhaul of how mundane borns are brought into society. The Cinnabar Society needs to be overhauled and, most importantly, Province-run and funded. Arch Justice Styles believes that the institution should be run by mundane borns, themselves, rather than having unsoiled and mixed heritage mages presiding over the fates of found mages. He wishes for the Magimundi to explore ways of maintaining the Edict of Mundane Separation and Secrecy without separating mundane borns from their nonmagical families. Further, Arch Justice Styles wishes to make discrimination against mundane borns in jobs and other positions officially illegal under Magimundi law and installing harsher penalties for harming mundanes in Destiny Province.
  2. Crypto-Human Rights
    Arch Justice Styles wants to implement a provincial list of all werewolves and vampires currently living there with the intent of dispensing government allotted Romulus Potions. According to him, this proposed list will not be made public. This registry is also intended to help prevent undue damage from werewolves and vampires being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Further, Arch Justice Styles intends to extend anti-discrimination laws to crypto-humans. All cases of non-intentional lycan attacks in Destiny Province are currently in queue to be re-evaluated.
  3. Avernus Reform
    Avernus, the Arch Justice wishes to push to remove the use of torture and mind magic on Avernus inmates as well as phase out the use of chupacabra as guards. When concerning the use of Chupacabra venom to subdue the magic of interred inmates, Styles is of the belief that alternative methods should be researched and implemented.
    The Destiny Province government will also be looking into the possibility of a satellite facility being built in Destiny Province in order to help combat and divide gangs.
  4. Chupacabra Rights
    While the Arch Justice does not believe chupacabra should learn magic alongside the mages of the Magimundi, he recognizes their possible sapience and proposes larger enclosures, and ethical use of their components.
  5. Dangerous and Illegal Magics
    Arch Justice Styles wants blood and necromantic magic to remain illegal. However, he has proposed a very controlled, Province-run research facility to ethically look into these practices, where all researchers will be thoroughly vetted before participating. Study of these practices will remain prohibited in schools.
  6. Education Reform
    Arch Justice Styles wants increased freedom of choice for higher learning. During his time as Chancellor at New World Magischola, he encouraged transfer programs from NWM to Imperial and made efforts to make Imperial more accessible to those who may not be able to afford it.
  7. Virginia Isle
    The proposition stands for Virginia Isle to officially join the Magimundi with the belief that if citizens of the Isle can use Magimundi schools and resources, then they should also follow Magimundi laws. He intends to propose that they have their own Arch Justice on the council. Former Arch Justice Herodotus Forsythe took out a loan of L$500,000 from Virginia Isle when he took office, which was willed to Destiny Province to inherit. There is information from the Forsythe's inner circle that there is at least L$300,000 hidden that could be used to pay back the Isle.


The appointment of Mundane-born Wizard Montana Styles as Arch Justice of Destiny Province has been perceived as a threat by many unsoiled families of the Magimundi. Unsoiled mages and wizards are furious about the way the world is changing, symbolized so neatly by Arch Justice Styles. There are movements by some unsoiled to shift the balance of power more concretely in their own favor again, seeing the Arch Justice as a threat. A name that has become connected to these efforts is Mr. Kind, a shadowy figure of whom little is known.

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