The Mothman
Homo lepidoptera
Family: Humanoid
Classification: Para-sapient
Manifestation: Corporeal
Pronunciation: MOTH-man

Roanoke colonist and mage Thomas Crowley was a talented and clever shapeshifter who had, over the course of years, learned to take the form of over twelve different animals, including birds and fish. Working in secret, he devised a ritual to take his abilities even further.

According to his notes, "...we have conquered the beasts of the field and the air, but what of the wonders of the world beyond?" And so, in 1588, Elder Crowley attempted to transform himself into an angel. It should be noted at this time that there has never been physical evidence for the existence of angels, but Crowley was undeterred.

Unfortunately, the spell- now lost- misfired, transforming Crowley into a hideous, vicious, winged man and addling his mind in the process. While he did show himself capable of speech, his behavior clearly demonstrated a savage and bestial nature. He either fled from the Roanoke Colony, or was cast out, and traveled west into the wilds of what would eventually become West Virginia.

Besides transforming his body and mind, the spell seems to have made Crowley immortal, or at least unaging. He is still slighted occasionally by magi and mundanes alike, and has been given the nickname of "the Mothman."

The Mothman lives a solitary and feral life in the wilds of West Virginia, although he is occasionally visited by magi from Virginia Isle for reasons unknown except to them. His exact biology is unknown, although he appears as a large bipedal humanoid with a 10 foot wingspan. The wings of the Mothman are feathered, and allow him to fly short distances.

The head of the Mothman is entirely hairless, with slits for his eyes and nose, and a mouth full of sharp pointed teeth. His skin is an iridescent white and his eyes glow red.

The Mothman does not care for human companionship, and will attack most magi who seek him out. He is highly resistant to most magics and should only be approached with great caution.


The Mothman lives near the confluence of the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers, in what is commonly known as West Virginia in Solaris Province. It is believed that he lives in an underground cave system that has not yet been discovered.


The exact biology of the Mothman is unknown, but it is believed that his internal biology is human, with the addition of feathered wings.


The Mothman is believed to be omnivorous, hunting small mammals and deer, and also feeding on wild fruits, nuts, and berries.

Magical Uses

The artificiers of Virginia Isle are able to craft fine wands with cores that they claim come from the feathers of the Mothman. It is unknown if that is truth, but there is no reason to doubt them.


The Mothman is preternaturally fast, and can fly. It has sharp claws and teeth, and will attack on sight. It is resistant to most spells, but will flee if outnumbered. Wounds caused by the Mothman often become infected, and require magical treatments to heal properly.

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