A Mundane Born is a person with Mundane Heritage is one who is born to two mundane parents, but also includes those whose magical heritage was permanently lost due to unusual circumstances, like orphaned mixed heritage individuals with no record of their actual parentage, or the children of illicit affairs that have been covered up or concealed. These children are grouped with Mundane Heritage precisely because information that would have proved them to be of Unsoiled or Mixed Heritage cannot be found. In either case, the character is raised in a family with no magical abilities and has never been shown the hidden world of the Magimundi. They have otherwise lived an entirely typical life as a citizen in the mundane world until such time as they discover their own magical ability, or they are discovered by members of the Magimundi through careful observation or divination.

At this point, a Magimundi agency like the Cinnabar Society or another philanthropic group takes custody of the magical youngster boarding them at the Primaschola, or they are literally adopted by a magical family in a foster care system provided by the Magimundi. The separation from the mundane family of origin is quite commonly a harrowing one. If the magical youngster is not merely made to disappear without explanation, an accident is typically staged so that the mundane parents believe their child has died. The Cinnabar Society has a mandate to make the grieving as painless as possible, but is generally believed that the effort does very little to comfort these families. “There are many ways to do it worse, but no way to do it right,” is the popular quote regarding these circumstances. By the Edict of Mundane Separation and Secrecy, Mundane Borns may not ever visit their previous family until after they have reached adulthood, and in most cases, they elect not to do so. Visiting their mundane parents again is widely considered to be more harmful than helpful since the mage cannot honestly explain the circumstances and also must once again retreat to the hidden world of the Magimundi, forcing the parents to go through mourning a second time. That said, it is commonly known that many mages of Mundane Heritage flagrantly break these rules to make contact with their family, explain as much of the circumstances that their Mundane family will believe, and swear them to secrecy. Because the pain of losing a child is so great, it is standard for even the most hardened Marshals to judiciously elect not to pursue these violations of the law, even when they are obvious, as long as the general secrecy is kept.

It is important to note that mages with Mundane Heritage come into the Magimundi with no Leeuwendaalders, so any wealth they possess has been gifted to them by the Cinnabar Society or their benefactors, and in most cases this meager amount is barely sufficient to get by. This desperation can force a Mundane Heritage mage to make some very difficult choices.

Mages of Mundane Heritage are sometimes looked upon with pity which often borders on contempt from those of the other heritages. Generally, they are considered to be people of grit and toughness, exceptionally hard workers and driven scholars. That they appear to have “something to prove” to the rest of the Magimundi is often considered to be a boon when hiring or recruiting for difficult jobs or challenging tasks.

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