The Magimundi does not take kindly to people who use the dead as resources for their magic, in fact it is outlawed almost expressly in the Edict of Cadaver Artificery and Proprietorship, and Necromancy is categorized formally as 'maleficium.' Necromancy is forbidden and incredibly dangerous, if practiced at all, it is done very covertly. Those who are caught practicing necromancy, if caught, may face time in Avernus as it is considered a breach of the second of The Four Precepts, which are considered by many to be the core values that the Magimundi holds dear.

Notable Practitioners

Dominique Dane
The inventor of the spell used by Thanatos Akeldama to raise a revenant army, however it was created in the hopes of successfully bringing her deceased husband back from the dead.
Elsabeth Steinkraft
A powerful wizard and werewolf who hunted the criminal Wolfgang of Hapsburg from the European Confluxes to the Magimundi.
Herodotus Forsythe (alleged)
Former Arch Justice of Destiny Province, several circulating rumors claim that he practiced necromancy in private and may have even been a lich.
Thanatos Akeldama
A wizard and white supremacist who attacked Magnolia Sun School of Sorcery in the mid 1800s due to their policy of accepting mages of African heritage. Defeated by Parthena Cloudbourne in the Martyrdom of the Seven.
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