Ottilie Avila
Other Names:
Occupation:Cryptozoologist, Chupacabra Rancher
Status: Deceased

Ottilie Avila was a gifted cryptozoologist who perfected chupacabra captive breeding and started Cruz Chupacabra which is the largest chupacabra ranch located in the Baja Province. Ottilie Avila's husband started it after the Magma Wars. She was able to both increase production while also creating superior creatures.

Cruz Chupacabra are one of the most desired breeds of chupacabra. They have more strength, greater muscle mass and more venom per bite than other chupacabra. The venom stuff, that’s confidential, because the government doesn’t want everyone to know what makes the Chupa bite so effective. Venom manipulation experiments have been going on for decades and Ottilie Avila's method was granted a patent from the Magimundi Bureau of Trade and Innovation.

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