Peregrine Myles Brewster
Other Names: N/A
Occupation: Professor, Chancellor (Imperial Magischola of Massachusetts Bay)
Status: Deceased

Peregrine Myles Brewster was the second Chancellor of Imperial Magischola of Massachusetts Bay, who invited Isaac de Lucena, Vitruvius Henry Peter Steinkraft, Thomas Woodhouse, and Firenzum Edward Smith Radcliffe Zephyrous to the faculty at Imperial Magicshola, where they would come to found the four courts. He was preceded as Chancellor by Galahad Theocratus Bombastus Leodegrance.

The Fall of Leodegrance

Peregrine Myles Brewster, then professor of magic theory and hermetics, had been Leodegrance’s protégé and had noticed that the Chancellor was acting suspiciously. In truth, Leodegrance was under the influence of a powerful Corruptor of Lies who was called The Voice of the Serpent. While Brewster did not know about the Corruptor, he saw that Leodegrance’s insularity and paranoia were not only harming himself, but harming Imperial: refusing to teach the latest magical practices meant that the university was beginning to fall behind New World Magischola and other wizarding universities in Europe. He gained enough support among the Praestantes to recruit and hire a few new professors from other North American magical communities who had a more progressive approach.

The new additions were: Isaac de Lucena, an alchemist and magi-botanist; Vitruvius Henry Peter Steinkraft, a phantasmologist and master duelist; Thomas Woodhouse, an astromancer and navigator; and Maestro-Wizard Firenzum Edward Smith Radcliffe Zephyrous, a librarian and researcher of ancient languages. These new additions were more inclusive in other ways, too: Steinkraft’s father was Penobscot, and de Lucena was Jewish. This openness only went so far, though. Nobody, not even Brewster, considered approaching people of mixed or mundane birth or admitting women.

Despite the distinguished careers from which these new professors had come, many of the more conservative Praestantes still opposed their inclusion on the faculty. Therefore, Brewster invited his new professors to prove their worth by performing a Great Deed. De Lucena inscribed a living labyrinth at the center of the grounds. Woodhouse created a path that enables a sufficiently skilled sorcerer to physically climb to the stars. Firenzum created the Arca Tenebrarum (the Black Box) that still forms the heart of the Imperial library. Steinkraft took on the most perilous task of all: trapping the Corruptor that had been plaguing Leodegrance.

Leodegrance was so weakened by the Corruptor’s influence that after its removal he was no longer able to fulfill his duties as Chancellor and died soon after. Few people outside of the Praestantes and the Imperial faculty knew of the Corruptor’s presence; the public story was that Leodegrance had died after a short illness.

Chancellor of Imperial Magischola

Brewster succeeded Leodegrance as Chancellor. Under Brewster’s leadership, the curriculum and structure of Imperial Magischola were brought in line with other comparable universities. It was divided into four Courts, each dedicated to the area of study of one of the new professors. The Praestantes agreed to name the courts after Classical and Renaissance alchemists, magicians, and sorcerers, and to create an institution of pure and theoretical learning that rivaled European institutions.

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