Pileus Tenembrae
Other Names: N/A
Occupation: Artificier
Status: Deceased

Pileus Tenembrae was an accomplished golem­maker, who had worked mostly in clay, stone, and other natural materials in the SoMa district of San Francisco in the early 1980s. He began working with metal and then with circuitry and wires and switches in attempts to store magical energies and increase the degree and longevity of his control over what he referred to as Silicon Golems, but were the Magimundi’s first known creation of Homunculi Constructs. The confluence of the magical energies and the electrical surges made them unpredictable, and some believe they developed a kind of para­sapience. Two escaped his warehouse and boarded a ship from Pier 39, where mundane passers­by assumed they were street performers. Tenembrae attempted to intercept them and was injured when he attempted to deactivate them by removing the runic incantation from their throats. Artificiers suspect that the Constructs forced Tenembrae’s own magical energy backward through his brain, causing him to revert to a pre­verbal, simian­like state. Tenembrae is currently living in Swindlehurst Institute for Magical Ailments and Afflictions, and his presence in a room frequently causes any object containing a circuit to malfunction. Tenembrae’s Silicon Golems were never recovered and some believe these Constructs continue to roam the Redwood Forests along the coast, having divined a way to maintain their connection to sustain their magical energies.

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