Students at Magnolia Sun undergo an initiation where they are expected to confront an aspect of their own mortality and inevitable death. This is known as Près ki Mouri and can be through a merely coincidental near-death experience, or a confrontation with a ghost of another student or faculty member, or, because of the flexible state that the school occupies within time, a student witnessing their own advanced aging or even their own demise. No faculty member or student supervises or initiates this rite of passage; it is a mere consequence of being a student at the school. Its severity, duration, or timing is completely different from student to student. All that is known is that it will happen. Generally when least expected. Some say that the students do die, and then return to life. The school retains a Master Healer who specializes in summonings, artifacts, and hoodoo magic to assist students when this rite of passage occurs. A requirement after surviving this experience is to chronicle it in the school’s books, and the library is full of journals dating back to the school’s founding, some of them in the forbidden section.

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