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Leeuwendaalders and Commerce

Printable Leeuwendaalders
Contains: Double-sided paper money in denominations L$2, L$5, L$10, L$20, L$50, L$100.
Provincial Checks
Contains: Double-sided paper checks from Baja, Mishipeshu, Thunderbird, Solaris Provinces, and Virginia Isle.
Samson Bank & Trust Checks
Contains: Double-sided paper checks from Samson Bank & Trust of Virginia Isle.

Book Covers

HOW TO Make Books
Contains: Instructions (with pictures) on how to take a printable paperback book cover and apply it to a preexisting book.
Paperback Book Covers
Contains: Cadwalader, Wizard Bride, The Diviners, Duwende, Loup-Castor, Dare Me, Fairymaid Lust, Fobolex Seven, Maeda: Savior & Assassin, I Don't, Wizard Beef, I Am Jack Slager, Gunmetal Wand, Leve non nan Sen yo, Red Wizard Needs Food, Beef Wizard, Gorecaster.
Magical Monograph Series Covers
Contains: Problems in Magical Analysis, Myrmomancy for the Student, Primordial Pouch of the Wampus Cat, Blood Sacrifices of the Gorecasters, Fabricative Anatomy of the Automaton, Ethics for the Practical Wizard, Mens Rea, Mind Magic, and Intellectual Property, Ablative Curse Inflection, Approaches to Vibratory Plane Theory, Clinical Pearls for the Transfigurist, Component Theory.
Technical Book Covers
Contains: Catoptric Networking for Mages, Data Analysis with Magical Tools.
Remedial Magic Textbook Covers
Contains: Vocational Magic for the Struggling Student, The Dive Into Guide to Alchemy, Study Skills for the Student Mage, Magischola Tips and Tricks for First Years.
Ritual Magic and the Power of Collaborative Casting Cover
Necromance Her Cover
Gettin' Liched Cover

Magazine Covers

Front Covers

Oracle July 2019
J•C•V•M The Justice Tells All, Microwave Wand Care Is This The Future?, 15 Easy Charms For Your Best Hair Day Ever, Winter 2019 Penumbra First Look, Sizzlin' in Solaris Hot Takes From Style Maven Angel Flores-Bardales


Bootleg Pamphlets
Contains: Building Your Own Magical Drug Lab, Mind Magic & Mundanes, Death Magic, How to Beat the Magischola Shell Game.


Corroded Corruptor Avernus Heart 2007 Tour
Coronation 2019 Tour
Flame Puppies By Our Labours
J•C•V•M Psythyros State of Mind
Vega & The Visionaries
Vintage Hydrate So You Don't Die-drate (Legal Size)

CD Covers & Band Posters

Corroded Corruptor

Genre: Metal

Avernus Heart CD Cover
Avernus Heart 2007 Tour Poster

Flame Puppies

Genre: Metal

Flame Puppies By Our Labours Poster

Justice Carlescent Vivacious Monarch (J•C•V•M)

Genre: Pop

J•C•V•M CD Cover
Crown Me CD Cover
Coronation 2019 Tour Poster
J•C•V•M Poster
J•C•V•M Psythyros State of Mind Poster

Vega & The Visionaries

Genre: Rock

Let's Do This CD Cover
Vega & The Visionaries Poster
Vega & The Visionaries Sticker Sheet


Potion Labels

Eclipse Romulus Potion Label
Dr. Silva's Pocima de Romulus Label
Romulus Potion Label
Pother Pavil's Calming Capsules Label

Beverage Labels


Cave Aged Catsap Label

Wine & Champagne

Enchanteur Comte Champagne Label
Enchanteur Comte Back Label
Enchanteur Comte Neck Label
Oracle Champagne Label
Oracle Champagne Back Label


Duwende Springs Water Label


Castellaw's Wendigo Whiskey Label
Ike Quintana's Solaris Bourbon Label
Ike Quintana's Emergency Solaris Bourbon Label
Pope Lick Solaris Bourbon Label

Bug Spray Labels

The Sourcery Vampire Repellant Label
Foresight Enterprises Vampire Repellant Label

Miscellaneous Labels

Library Subject Markings
Contains: Library genre, and 'Please Return to New World Magischola Library' stickers for books.


Stamps and Embellishments
Contains: A collection of mailing labels, stamps, seals, and wards for in-game mail.
Patent Potion Packets
Contains: Printable envelopes labeled 'Patented Snot-Not Charm', 'Persistent Pain Palliative Potion Pellets', 'Allergy Relief Home Potion Kit', and 'Tummy Soothe Charms'.
New World Magischola Overdue Book Notice
Imperial Magischola Overdue Book Notice
Simple Prescription Paper
Ornate Prescription Paper
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