Whispers that have embedded their sentience and power in inanimate objects to become Corruptors are called Relic Corruptors. Their will can reveal itself in many ways, from subtle manipulation (a magic mirror that grants twisted visions guised as prophesy) to outright direct communication (a talking diary). These Corruptors can be exceptionally long-lived in our realm, mistaken for common enchanted artifacts. In at least one case, a Corruptor had completely forgotten its former Whisper self. Gebral’s Garrulous Grimoire, held in trust at Imperial for the Papegoja family, was discovered in 2010 to actually be a Relic Corruptor. When confronted with this fact, the Grimoire replied — in excessive soliloquy — that it was quite happy with its life as a chatty book. Another such long-lived Relic Corruptor is the Prophecy Pick, whose wielder must already be musically gifted and can readily translate their artistic soul into their stringed instrument. Alas, the holders of this item often come to unnaturally early deaths.

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