Homo mortis
Family: Nemort
Classification: Para-sapient
Manifestation: Corporeal, Phasic
Pronunciation: RE-ve-nent

A revenant (RE-ve-nent) is a reanimated corpse or spirit, usually brought back by a necromantic ritual. Revenants are created in order to perform a specific task set by the Wizard. Such a revenant may be just as intelligent as it was in life, but its will is usually bound by the Wizard who summons and controls it. Once the revenant completes its task, it disperses into dust and cannot be revived again. The dark wizard Thanatos Akeldama infamously reanimated the corpses of fallen soldiers during the US Civil War, and sent the revenant army after the faculty of Magnolia Sun School of Sorcery.

Note: The creation of a revenant is considered a crime by the North American Council of Five, and is punishable by up to lifelong incarceration in Avernus Prison.

Revenants appear as living corpses. They have no bodily functions, including automatic respiration, digestion, circulation, procreation, or excretion. They are intelligent, and can speak if they choose to deliberately inhale and exhale. Most revenants are corporeal, but it is possible to create ones that are phasic as well.

Magi who are risen as revenants do not retain their magical powers. It is possible for exceptionally skilled necromancers to perform a ritual in which they sacrifice themselves and arise as powerful self-directed revenants, unaging and immortal except through extreme countermeasures. These self-made revenants are called liches. There have been perhaps as many as 5 known liches in all the recorded history of the Magimundi. Liches are usually hunted down and killed (using said extreme countermeasures) as soon as they are discovered, but one lich is known to have survived over 500 years.

It is possible for a revenant to form without necromantic interference. This occurs when a person dies under extreme and unusual violence, and if their body is intact, they may rise as revenants to take revenge on their murderers. While these natural revenants display all the normal features of the magically created revenants, they are considered non-sapient instead of para-sapient. Natural revenants can still be clever, and even use tools and weapons, but they do not display the same intelligence and self-awareness of magically created revenants.

Revenants break down over time, sloughing off limbs and organs which disintegrate unless magically refreshed. Should a mage who created a revenant die, the reventant will return to its original state as an inanimate corpse.

Revenants do not reproduce. The collective noun for a group of revenants is a horde.


Revenants do not have a habitat per se. Some stay near where they were created; others wander. They tend to avoid water as they can become waterlogged, which disrupts their ability to move and hastens their sloughing decay.


Revenants are magically animated human corpses. They do not have working internal organs, but they seem to be able to see, hear, and think. They have limited senses of taste, smell, and touch. They do not feel pain or discomfort. They do not get sick, and they do not heal injuries.


Revenants do not eat. They can take food into their mouths, and swallow it, but it inevitably sits in their stomach and rots.

Magical Uses

There is no part of the revenant any more useful than the corresponding part taken from an ordinary corpse in terms of magical components, but the dust of disintegrated liches and revenants is a common ingredient in necromantic spells. It is rumored that the left arm bone from the great lich Pigishkanábide was removed, preserved, and fashioned into a wand, but this is likely legend.

In any case, necromancers have used revenants as servants for centuries. Any possible use that a revenant could be put to- house servant, transportation, energy source, familiar, and so forth- has been attempted by a necromancer at some time or another with varying degrees of success.


Water-based spells will slow a revenant down, but fire spells will consume the revenant entirely. The Haitian "insandigé" spell was developed to be especially effective against revenants.

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