Gigantopithecus inmensas
Family: Mammalian
Classification: Semi-sapient
Manifestation: Corporeal
Pronunciation: SAS-kwach

The sasquatch (SAS-kwach), or Bigfoot, were the indigenous giants of North America, completely covered in shaggy fur. Standing upright, an adult male could reach up to eight feet in height. Mature male sasquatch gain a streak of gray or silver fur on their head and back.

Sasquatch were exterminated in the Magma Wars of the late 1920s, in which they had played a critical role. There are some crpytozoologists who believe that there are some sasquatch living in the wild, but no credible proof has been forthcoming.

The sasquatch were gentle creatures who were frightened by the cruelty of humankind. Sasquatch had a natural energetic magic that affects the human mind, confusing the human and causing them to forget the encounter with the sasquatch.

Every so often, there are reports of sightings of sasquatch, but none of these have ever been confirmed. Even mundane pranksters have made fake recordings of the sasquatch in an attempt to trick the gullible.

A juvenile sasquatch is called a smallfoot. The word sasquatch is both singular and plural, like sheep or fish. The collective noun for a group of sasquatch is a troop.


The sasquatch lived in small family units in dens and caves in the rainforests of Thunderbird Province. The sasquatch was a shy creature, avoiding humans if at all possible. A subspecies of sasquatch known as swamp apes lived in the swamps and everglades of Solaris Province, and a particular breed known as the skunk ape were found there who possessed an olfactory weapon that has become legendary.


Sasquatch resembled tall apes with very large feet, often fifteen inches in length or more. The largest known sasquatch foot was twenty four inches in length.


Sasquatch ate fruit, berries, other human-edible plants, and all manner of insects. It is speculated that sasquatch could eat meat, but they seemed to choose not to.

Magical Uses

The pelt of the sasquatch could be made into magical clothing that is naturally resistant to cold. Various internal organs were used for potions and charms. A wand made with sasquatch hair is especially powerful against dark magic.


Encountering sasquatch required a Wizard to magically protect their own thoughts or risk being made to forget the entire incident.

For their incredible size, most sasquatch were not aggressive creatures, and would withdraw from conflict whenever a moment presented itself. Magma War veterans have stated that sasquatch are terrified of being immolated, and should the fur of even one of them be set ablaze would cause all nearby creatures to panic and break ranks. To counter this the creatures learned to douse themselves with water spells before going into battle. If any remaining sasquatch exist, they would likely take every precaution against violence, magical or martial.

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