Scarring is damage done to the boundaries between worlds, where realms can interact and beings sometimes pass through. All magic leaves marks, and responsible mages and Wizards temper their magic to mitigate the damage to reality that it can do. Minute scars are unavoidable, but generally not strong enough or large enough to create a threat to stability. Scarring is a by-product of reckless, powerful, and/or hasty magic use or, occasionally, horrific acts of mundane violence. A minor scarring allows a faint and tenuous connection between a Whisper to the sentient beings in our world, described like a tiny voice in one’s mind. With a greater Scarring, a Whisper may try to grasp onto someone or something of similar nature, and may have influence up to 20 meters from the Scarring. Since the Whisper Realm is constantly swirling, an entity of any nature may approach a Scarring at any time. Scarrings are not fixed in time and space, so the location of a Scarring is not permanent or predictable.

The violence that creates Scarring is not merely conventional definitions of violence like ritual murder. Any direct, powerful act of force, either magical or non-magical can cause Scars. These effects could be sudden or prolonged, with smaller acts accumulating to create Scarring. Widespread suffering over many years can cause serious Scarring of our world, even if no particular act of great magic or sudden release of energy is associated with it. Of course, specific instances of tremendous force also cause Scarring: volcanoes may produce fire Elemental Corruptors, mundane atomic weapons create Scarring — especially in cases where sentient life has been wiped out such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Since these mundane-created Scarrings affect the Magimundi as well — and are effectively left to us to repair and banish the Corruptors that result — the Edict of Mundane Separation and Secrecy is called into question. Some argue that we must interfere in mundane affairs of extreme violence and suffering, for the protection, safety, and autonomy of our world.

Technically, all acts of magic cause a small Scarring in our world. For example, a summoning circle is, by definition, the manipulation of Scarring. However, magic done with planning, deliberateness, and care produces only minute, nearly-undetectable effects. Rushed magic, or magic done with recklessness, will always cause greater Scarring. Additionally, rituals can be marred by a caster’s subconscious mind, such as thoughts or feelings that contradict with the goal of the ritual. Thus, a good Wizard puts all of their focus and being into their end effects.

Some Wizards are known to deliberately open Scars for non-sanctioned purposes, in order to taunt the Whispers, or test their mind magic mettle or their own resistance. Opportunistic Whispers seek weak-willed or morally indifferent mages or mundanes, in order to spread their influence or to be brought into our realm as a Corruptor. As mentioned above, Whispers who have previously been summoned and returned are particularly hungry and insistent. In short, summoning of extraplanar entities is dangerous, and is not to be done incautiously.

It is up to each and every magic-user to realize that their casting will have a Scarring effect on the world, and to take into account those risks when performing magic. It is through Scarring that Whispers connect with our world, and Corruptors can enter. The more sudden, powerful, and less-focused the magic, the greater the Scar and thus the greater the opportunity for inadvertently inviting Whispers to our world to become Corruptors.

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