Unigeminus grex
Family: Arboreal
Classification: Non-sapient
Manifestation: Corporeal
Pronunciation: snīp

The common snipe (snīp) is considered a nuisance animal. Snipe are normally invisible, but can be revealed by the use of magic. They appear as small balls of fur with antennae and feet.

Snipe like to inhabit small, dark places, like the corners of disused closets, or inside otherwise empty drawers. In the wild, they can be found under exposed roots of trees, or in gullies or hollows.

Snipe are harmless, themselves, but are one of the main food sources of the common gremlin. In fact, a snipe infestation is usually considered a sign of a much more dreaded gremlin infestation. For a time, snipe were very popular pets for small children in the Magimundi, with cryptozoologists quickly working to gather up, or even raise snipe for pet ownership. This boom in popularity had the unfortunate side effect in causing a parallel rise in the presence of gremlins.

A juvenile snipe is called a snipeling. The word snipe is both singular and plural, like sheep or fish. The collective noun for a group of snipe is a swarm.

There is debate among cryptozoologists regarding the taxonomic Family of snipe. Some claim they are more like plants, and others claim they are more like fungi. Snipe reproduce via spores, which are harmless to other creatures, but make for powerful magical ingredients, especially in love potions and charms.


The snipe can be found in temperate, tropical, and subtropical zones. They live in wooded areas, such as jungles or forests. They will occasionally infest a man-made building, usually ones that are either unoccupied or have areas that the inhabitants usually avoid.


An adult snipe can grow to about an inch in diameter. Snipe can live up to five or six years in the wild. The antenna of the snipe can grow as long as 6 inches, although this is very rare.

A small swarm of snipe getting into mischief.


Snipe are herbivores and eat mosses, grasses, and seeds.

Magical Uses

The fur of the snipe is a common alchemical ingredient and is used in many potions. Wands are occasionally created with a snipe antenna core, when an antenna of sufficient length can be found. The spores of the snipe are useful in a wide variety of potions and charms.


Snipe are essentially harmless, but their spores can be an eye irritant. Flush with water if the spores get in your eyes. Some magi are allergic to snipe fur, but a simple remedy charm can assist with this.

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