Thanatos Akeldama
Other Names: N/A
Occupation: Dark Wizard
Status: Deceased

Thanatos Akeldama was a dark necromancer, Unsoiled Heritage purist, and white supremacist of the mid 1800s, he pursued a grudge against the Magnolia Sun School of Sorcery due to their (at the time) new policy of accepting mages of African heritage into the primaschola. These fears were driven by the idea that West African practices and traditions would compete with established European ideals, leading to the marginalization or assimilation of their own magical culture.

In 1864, coinciding with General William Tecumseh Sherman’s burning of Atlanta and March to the Sea, dark Wizard Thanatos Akeldama, an entrenched Wizard from Mississippi, in an ironic twist of fate chose to cache himself with the Union army in pursuit of his grudge against Magnolia Sun Principal Parthena Cloudbourne. Using forbidden necromantic rituals, Akeldama reanimated the corpses of fallen soldiers and created an army of revenants, which he controlled using various names of power. These revenants relentlessly attacked the school in its original location outside of Atlanta, and were only narrowly repelled by a team of Magnolia Sun faculty and students, but not before Principal Cloudbourne herself, two faculty members, and four students were killed in the attack. This event, known as the Martyrdom of the Seven, led to the invoking of the time magic and the movement of the school itself in order to protect the student body and escape Akeldama’s Revenant Army. Gathering corpses from the Union and Confederate battles and skirmishes, Akeldama and his army continued to pursue the school, now under the leadership of Moman Pengembara, as it slipped in and out of the present and journeyed to the Georgia Coast. It is believed that Sherman’s route on his March to the Sea was mapped out in part by Akeldama, in order to chase the school.

The Bureau of Temporal Continuity was founded shortly after the defeat of Thanatos Akeldama.

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