Centuries ago, at a tavern near the Imperial Magischola of Massachusetts Bay, a group of five friends lamented the state of society as they saw it. The provincial government was making regulations on magical materials, on trade with other planes of existence, laws where they hadn’t been any before, and now the creation of Marshals to enforce those laws? They drank, and argued, and then made a vow. They’d leave this society behind, and form one of their own! One without laws, without regulations. Where the only law was freedom!

At the time, few wizards of European descent had ventured into what is now Mishipeshu Province. They believed that no one would ever make the trip, that their new home. They invited artisans, researchers, free-thinkers and ritualists to join them, with a promise that Eleutheria, the city of Freedom, would be a home for those who wished to escape the rule of law. Only those invited by three people currently living there could visit.

Herbologists ready to experiment with transfigured plants deemed “dangerous” by the Provincial governments, Ritualists trying to pry open permanent barriers between realms, Wandmakers wanting to use the spines of dead wizards as components for their dark creations, all sorts of wizards who sought to perform magical experiments that would be illegal elsewhere fled to Eleutheria.

Within five years, the city fell to internal warfare. Each individual citizen had turned their sanctum into a fortress, trying to protect whatever magical secrets they had learned, artifacts they had created, components they had collected. Trees grown to naturally resist magic. Ores that repelled elemental energies with the appropriate counter energies. Potions of longevity more potent than those made through ethical means. Hordes of enchanted gem stones acquired from unsavory means. The city was full of wonders, and horrors as the society of absolute freedom collapsed.

The streets were trapped and counter-trapped and warded. Finally, as the battles between residents grew more desperate, something went wrong. From the outside, it appeared that the city simply vanished. Some say that it fell into a crack in reality, formed by the chaos and death that emanated from the city. Others believe that multiple Wizards cast incompatible and irreconcilable wards, and the result occluded the city from detection. A few believe that they just destroyed themselves entirely and completely.

What all agree on is that the Lost City of Eleutheria is too dangerous to pursue. A curse remains, a potent curse that grows stronger the closer one gets to it. The more knowledge you acquire about Eleutheria, the worse it becomes. Those who get too close are at risk of permanent petrification, accelerated aging at a fatal level, or even in one sad case, spontaneously becoming a Wendigo.

While many would love to explore the city, either to ensure that whatever dangerous weapons created during the era of social collapse are properly disarmed, to find the riches, wealth and discoveries lost there, the fame and glory that would come from being the first to walk the lost crystalline streets, the research and studies that would come from the remains… precious few are willing to risk that curse, which to date has never been broken.

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