The Order of the Bounded star is a secret society that was created in opposition to The Order of the Aeolian Horn. They saw that knowledge and power was being hoarded, especially through the use of a secret language known as Anémou Glóssa (or "The Wind Tongue"), and they sought to put a stop to it, believing that knowledge should be free to all that desire it. In the eleventh and twelfth centuries, however, their mission changed. Capturing and torturing members of the Aeolian Horn yielded no secrets. Frustrated by hundreds of years of failed attempts, they decided they would now seek to destroy the knowledge and the Aeolian Horn itself.

King James' Court

During the rule of King James I, the Order of the Bounded Star was active in London at the highest levels of mundane government. They had placed a spy inside the royal court, who had gained influence by revealing the names of three English wizards, creating a public show of force for James’ anti-magic views. Eventually, they suggested collecting lists of recusants from each parish to ferret out magic-users. These lists culminated in the capture, arrest, conviction, and execution of many witches and wizards throughout England in 1612, including the infamous Pendle and Lancashire trials. While this hysteria heightened, the Order of the Bounded Star made coordinated moves in London, Amsterdam, Constantinople, and Malta to gather the Order of the Aeolian Horn. Members of the Aeolian Horn were systematically kidnapped in an attempt to locate and assassinate all those who know Anémou Glóssa.

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