The Sourcery

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The Sourcery

A fair-trade business started by Desdemona Oxendine utilizing the significant Oxendine wealth in an attempt to provide a more ethical and sustainable option for magi and wizards across the Magimundi. Initially it faced problems with finding ways to acquire such materials but after it began making connections with a growing network of artisans and artificiers it became progressively easier to grow the business though in its early days it certainly had its fair share of scandals concerning how ethical or not its products actually were. The Sourcery was well on its way to expanding from a largely catalog-based business to having its first brick and mortar location on Virginia Isle in no small part due to the efforts and contributions of Xenia Braithwaite.

In preparing for their opening of their first flagship store, Xenia Braithwaite began work on creating a special line of products known as 'Sourcery Rx By Xenia Braithwaite' which was to be premiered at the grand opening of the location on the Penumbra as a line of enchanted skincare and cosmetic products.

Notable Products

  • Organic, Fair Trade Vampire Repellant: This product was undergoing testing during NWM7 and while vampiric data appeared inconclusive it did seem to be rather effective at staving off the interests of biting insects.
  • Tinted Golden Shimmer Lippie Pot: a tinted lip cream dusted with gold that was offered for a brief time in celebration of the impending Sourcery Rx release, for a brief period of time it was an intensely sought after product and following the dissolution of The Sourcery it has gained a small cult following as a collector's item.

The Fall of The Sourcery

At the beginning of Desdemona Oxendine's third year at New World Magischola she received a letter threatening to reveal that her family had been selling slagerods on the black market in order to boost their investment portfolio with the resulting influx of cash, all in order to maintain the illusion of a perfect investment record. Desdemona Oxendine sought to get to the bottom of these accusations and made the ill-advised decision to seek out and speak with Jack Slager, himself and get the answers she wanted in this manner.

After making the brash decision to bargain with Jack Slager she had received the information she needed and in the end found that someone in, or working for her family had in fact been selling slagerods. In a fit of panic Desdemona began liquifying her assets, realizing that anything tied to funds gained through black market sales would be seized by the marshal service in the impending investigation. She encouraged Xenia Braithwaite to sell off all of her shares in The Sourcery in order to avoid having her assets frozen up with it especially now that she had brought the investigation into the scope where she would be found out for having visited Jack Slager (had there been no black market sales, she may have gotten away with this crime but now that she would be investigated anyway it was a doomed endeavor).

Future Endeavors

There appear to be no current efforts being made to revive The Sourcery, especially given Desdemona Oxendine's current state of moderate poverty.

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