In the 1990s, mysterious incidents took place in Thunderbird Province, and an investigation began. Among these incidents included: violence in popular nightclubs with confused witnesses; property destruction in warehouses or other thought-to-be-vacant structures; and arson in business and residential districts. Finally, the complete demolition and structural collapse of the West Point Sewage Treatment Plant brought the full attention of the Thunderbird Province Marshals. It was discovered that two factions of vampires who resided within the Province had an escalating conflict that was starting to spiral out of control. It appeared to have originally been a cold-war type of conflict, but had now become cases of overt warfare that was starting to impact bystanders with no small amount of collateral damage. Province officials and Justices assembled, and it was decided that the vampires’ displays of supernatural powers in their conflict could potentially damage the secrecy of the Magimundi and action would have to be taken. During this discussion, Marshal investigators Mary and Morris Hayes, who were observing several vampires in a keep-the-peace operation, were attacked by one faction. That faction then rather clumsily tried to fabricate evidence that the rival faction was responsible. Mary died as a result of her injuries, and Morris was disfigured permanently.

Marshals from across the Magimundi, incensed that some of their own had been harmed by the vampires, assembled on the Province and began preparations for war while the Edict of Extermination was proposed among the Council of Five on January 4, 2004. On January 5th, a single night of intense violence took place, and the vampires engaged in open conflict with each other. Almost the entirety of both forces were wiped out in a catastrophic series of defections, double-crossed, and betrayals. Before the Marshals could engage, a very desperate overture of peace was delivered to Thunderbird Arch Justice Fidelia Windwalker. Vampires that were not involved in the conflict along with the few straggling survivors had been made aware of the Marshals’ eminent attack and pleaded for mercy, declaring themselves refugees. After an evening of deliberation on January 6th, Arch Justice Windwalker withdrew the Edict of Extermination from consideration of the Council of Five. The remaining vampires of Thunderbird Province would be considered to be members of the Magimundi and subject to Marshal authority and province laws, an act of kindness that is quite unappreciated by both the Magimundi and the vampires.

Communities of vampires are integrated into Magimundi society in this province, unlike any other province where they remain separate and also hidden with more or less acrimonious relationships. A keen interest in certain of these enclaves of vampires began among the Mundane world in 2005, and members of both the vampire and Magimundi communities have had to redouble efforts at secrecy to avoid Mundane pilgrims. Fortunately, the frenzy seems to have peaked by 2012 and shows signs of waning. Today, relations between vampires and the Magimundi in the province remain tense at times, with not all wizards subscribing so easily to the new edict of integration. A mutual interest in protecting each other from the prying eyes of curious Mundanes (who retain an obsessive interest in vampire powers, disciplines, political structures and romanceability) is enough to hold overt animosity at bay, but not enough to promote true cooperation and amicability between mages and vampires. Those that have been enemies for centuries do not learn to become friends in a little over a decade.

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