Greetings, sports fans! My name is Rex Reynolds and my partner here, is Percival Connery who will be giving the European point of view.

"And this is The Wizarding Sports Network!"

We are excited to bring you the second installment of “Magical Sports of the Americas”. Last week we covered “Broom Ball” the most popular wizarding sport in the United States. This week we’ll be looking at another game indigenous to the Americas, Troll Ball!

The history of Troll Ball is still a bit of mystery. Popular legend states that it started as a practical way to distract rampaging trolls by the Native American tribes. Local fans don’t care about the history. They just want to see the action and the violence!

OK, let’s covered the basic rules. The game consists of two teams. Each side has 7 players on the field at a time and 2 reserve players are on the sidelines. It’s played on a large field, size and terrain varies depending on home teams location, but wooded areas of about an acre are common. Goal nets, 8 feet across by 5 feet tall are set up on opposite sides of the field, one for each team.

The game revolves around 3 balls, about 7 inches in diameter of inflated rubber. These are called the Bonts. The teams have one player designated as captain. he starts the game in possession of 1 of the Bonts. The third Bont is placed on the ground equally distant between the goal nets. The balls may be carried by hand, thrown or even hidden. But each player may only carry one at a time. If you pick up a second or third Bont, you will not be able to move. The balls are magicked and touching more than one jinxes the player’s feet to stick to the ground for 5 seconds. Continuing to hold more than one Bont extends the jinx. The Bonts are completely immune to magick of any kind, themselves.

Interesting defensive tactic, by bouncing a Bont off player who is already carrying one, it will “stick them”, as it’s commonly called.

“Why is it called Troll ball?” You ask. Because three trolls are also let loose on the play field.

Players are allowed to carry wands, but no other magical aids. Performance enhancing potions are not allowed before or during the game. Flying brooms, carpets, invisibility cloaks or other such devices are forbidden. Attacking someone carrying the Bont or the trolls is legal. Such attacks are supposed to be of a non-lethal variety. When a troll is knocked unconscious or successfully restrained for more than 3 minutes, it is ported off the field and a new troll is released 5 minutes later.

If a player is injured or needs a rest, they may leave the field of play and be replaced with one of the reserved players. If a reserve player enters the field when there are already 7 on the field, a random player without a Bont in possession will be teleported to the bench.

Scoring is simple. 10 points are scored every time a Bont enters the opponent’s goal net. At that point, the Bont will teleport to a random spot on the playing field to be recovered. Additionally, you may get 1 point every time you bounce a Bont off of a troll. This is guaranteed to annoy the troll and he may catch the Bont. Good luck trying to get that back.

Play continues until one side accumulates 100 points. The shortest game on record lasted just under 1 hour, 56 minutes to be exact. The longest game to be finished took 54 hours to complete when a runaway hex froze everyone on the playing field solid for most of a day. The reserve players earned their pay on that one

Presently, there are 30 active teams in the ITBL, International Troll Ball League, ranging from as far north as Nunavut to all the way south in Argentina.

The current 3 time League champions are the Destiny Prestidigitators. They’ve dominated the league with their flashy full-on offense. A lot of teams would love the chance to knock them off their perch at the top.

One of those teams is the up and coming Patagonia Hechiceros. Fielding a balanced defense with one of the top players of the League, Camila Klein bolstering their offense, they are the team to watch this season.

Unfortunately, the Baja Glamours have not been living up to their name. Rumour is that this team has somehow garnered a curse so strong, the league’s Grand wizard could not detect or remove it. The amount of bad luck this team has had to deal with in the last few seasons is now legendary.

But we can’t mention the teams without also talking about that phenomena call Team Troll. Yes, sports fans, people have actually started a Fan base for the Trolls. Check out their official fan page on MageBook. They give each Troll a name and have statistics and even Bios written for them.

Well that about wraps up this edition of “Magical Sports of the Americas”. Stay tuned for a glimpse of next week’s episode when we cover the sport of Tlachtli from the Yucatan Peninsula. Sudden death has a whole new meaning! Category: pin asus zenfone 5

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