(see also: Magimundi Law)

Thunderbird Province takes a different perspective to criminal justice than the other Provinces, relying on a community-based approach.

A single wizard is likely part of many communities. Perhaps they live in a metropolitan area, practice their craft with a school or coven, and work at a business or as part of a trade organization. Each of these communities is responsible for the conduct of its members, and as such, has the authority to appoint a Marshal from within its ranks. The Marshal is tasked with protecting the interests of the community members, both ensuring that none of them break the laws of the Province and Magimundi, and also ensuring that none of the community members become victimized as well. If a resident of Thunderbird Province is victimized by a crime, they may choose to go to a Marshal in a community to which they belong for assistance.

community justice, Marshals are appointed from within communities of wizards

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