Often regarded as one of the most dangerous forms of magic, time magic is any arcane practice that alters or affects the natural flow or progression of time. It has been used by many a wizard in attempt to alter events in the past, present, and future- often with disastrous results. The practice of time magic is prohibited for all except the most well trained and cautious of wizards, typically agents or employees of the Bureau of Temporal Continuity. When unlicensed individuals begin messing with time, typically agents from the Bureau of Temporal Continuity are not far behind.


Due to the nature of time magic, it is impossible to know every danger involved because it is all but impossible to know everyone who has ceased to exist due to tampering with spells or machinations that they did not fully understand. In one documented case, a student in Imperial Magischola of Massachusetts Bay's Agrippa Court attempted to use time magic for their studies and erased themself from time almost completely. The only remaining indication that anyone has of their existence are notes and papers that are still occasionally found on the campus.

Other threats of time magic include the possibility of coming into contact with Time Corruptors, however, the frequency of such creatures occurring is uncertain, due to the nature of time magic itself.

Notable Practitioners

Demian D​elaroche
The principal of the Magnolia Sun School of Sorcery in Solaris Province.
Moman Pengembara
The principal of the Magnolia Sun School of Sorcery who is responsible for the school's liminal existence within time and space.
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